Tucker Carlson Obtains DOJ Subpoena Targeting Trump Associate, Details Disturbing Demands


On Friday, news broke that dozens of subpoenas were being sent to Trump supporters by the DOJ. It was confirmed on Monday. Over 40 people were targeted by the subpoenas. They were apparently related to investigations that began on January 6. Trump associates, as well as his in-house counsel, were also seized with two more phones.

This was another step in what appears to have been a highly politicized probe targeting Joe Biden’s political enemies for only wrong-speak. Tucker Carlson was the one who received some subpoenas and made some disturbing demands on them.

Carlson gives a clip from the subpoena, which purports that it explains the current investigation. This is how it looks.

Any claim that the Vice-President and/or President of the Senate had the authority to reject or not count presidential electors.

It is quite chilling to think that the DOJ can base an investigation upon something that clearly falls within the boundaries of free speech. It doesn’t matter if Mike Pence held the authority mentioned above. Americans can have opinions and are free to discuss them, even if the opinions don’t stand up to factual scrutiny.

The First Amendment prohibits the government from criminally targeting individuals based on their words unless they are inciting violence or threatening to do so. That passage does not contain any of these things. The DOJ is therefore firmly committed to trying to prosecute thought crimes.

This raises the question of precedent. Carlson points out that the DOJ didn’t seek to pursue leading Democrats who tried to stop the count of Donald Trump’s electors in 2016. It’s true, and Carlson is correct. This blind spot in all of this is being ignored simply because it’s easy to ignore. The fact that protesters obstruct free speech does not automatically mean that all rights are lost.

Fox News host lists some names that these subpoenas are targeting. Jenna Ellis and Stephen Miller are two examples, but Boris Epshteyn is the most shocking. This is Trump’s current attorney. The DOJ demands his communications, many of which are privileged, and makes a wink and promise to sort everything. This is banana republic stuff.

Carlson mentions at the end of the clip that there isn’t any accountability or transparency required in this situation. The American press is spending most of its time supporting these overreaches or ignoring them. It’s frightening because it seems like we have reached a point where anything is possible as long as it seeks to harm Donald Trump. And it won’t stop there. These precedents will be used by left-wing officials for many years to come. This is another reason why Republicans need to retake the White House by 2024. There must also be a will and a desire to eliminate these out-of-control agencies.


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