13 Serious Allegations by IRS Whistleblower Against Bidens, DOJ

President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden board Air Force One, Saturday, Feb. 4, 2023, at Delaware Air National Guard Base in New Castle, Del. President Biden is traveling to Syracuse, N.Y. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

The House Ways and Means Committee revealed at least 13 serious IRS whistleblowers allegations against the Biden family on Thursday.

While the establishment media ignored or downplayed the allegations, the whistleblowers revealed the following points in the now-public allegations leveled against Hunter Biden, the Justice Department, and President Joe Biden:

  1. The Justice Department twice prevented United States Attorney David Weiss from bringing stronger charges against Hunter Biden.
  2. Attorney General Merrick Garland refused to name a special counsel in the tax investigation, which could have provided a degree of separation between Joe Biden and his Justice Department.
  3. The IRS recommended charges against Hunter Biden that were not approved by Garland.
  4. The investigation forewarned Hunter Biden of any future searches for materials that could be used as evidence.
  5. Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf refused to allow investigators to ask about Joe Biden being “the big guy.”
  6. Wolf stopped questioning about “the big guy” to limit where the investigation could go despite evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement.
  7. Wolf cautioned the investigation team from searching Joe Biden’s guest house in Delaware for evidence against Hunter Biden because of “optics.”
  8. Rob Walker, a Biden Family business associate, said Joe Biden showed up at a meeting with CEFC, a Chinese energy company closely affiliated with the CCP. Based on the testimony, it appears Hunter Biden used Joe Biden to bolster his business dealings with CEFC, which funneled the family money.
  9. Rob Walker showed the family’s business directly involved Joe Biden, including while still in office as vice president.
  10. Hunter Biden demanded in 2017 to be paid by CCP-linked Chinese businessman Henry Zhao while Joe Biden was “sitting” next to him in a room.
  11. Investigators wanted to obtain the location data to confirm Joe Biden was in the room. But there is no confidence the FBI obtained that data.
  12. Hunter Biden deducted payments to prostitutes and sex clubs from his taxes.
  13. The investigation into Hunter Biden began as an “offshoot” of inquiry into a foreign adult platform.
The Associated Press

Attorney General Merrick Garland speaks at a press conference with U.S. Attorney Breon Peace, left, and Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco, right, to announce arrests and disruptions of the fentanyl precursor chemical supply chain on Friday, June 23, 2023, in Washington. (AP Photo/Kevin Wolf)

Attorney General Garland denied the whistleblower allegations that Biden’s DOJ interfered in the Hunter Biden criminal tax probe.

“I certainly understand that some have chosen to attack the integrity of the Justice Department as components and its employees by claiming that we do not treat like cases alike,” he claimed Friday. “This constitutes an attack on an institution that is essential to American democracy and essential to the safety of the American people. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

On Tuesday, Hunter Biden agreed to plead guilty to only two federal tax violation charges and one charge of violation of gun laws.

He will appear on July 26 before a judge, who will presumably accept the plea deal between Hunter and Weiss. If the judge accepts the plea deal, Hunter Biden’s lawyer claimed in an interview with MSNBC that no additional allegations of wrongdoing alleged by Republicans could ever be brought against the president’s son.

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