250K Illegals Flood the U.S. This Month — More Than D-Day Invasion


A staggering 250,000 illegal aliens have poured into America so far this December. That’s a far greater number than the D-Day invasion force that turned the tide of World War II.

News Nation network correspondent Ali Bradley, who regularly exposes the Biden administration’s border catastrophe, tweeted on Dec. 26, “#BREAKING CBP sources confirm migrant encounters have surpassed 250k for the month of December—On pace to break the previous record set in September of 269,735.” There are two spots in particular with an endless stream of law-breakers. “The majority, 66k+ have entered through Arizona’s Tucson sector (Lukeville) this month—While 60k+ entered through Texas in the Del Rio sector (Eagle Pass),” Bradley added.

For context, according to History.com, the Allied D-Day invasion saw “more than 156,000 American, British and Canadian troops” storming “50 miles of Normandy’s fiercely defended beaches in northern France in an operation that proved to be a critical turning point” in WWII. It’s not even the end of the month, and we have almost 100,000 more illegal aliens entering the United States in December than troops in the D-Day invasion force.

The overwhelming majority of these people are practically unvetted. Fox News highlighted Border Patrol data showing that in November, there were 17 encounters with individuals from the FBI terror watchlist.

It brings the total of people encountered by the Border Patrol between ports of entry on the watch list to 30 for FY 24, which began in October…FY 23 saw a record 169 terror watchlist encounters by Border Patrol between the ports of entry at the southern border, a number that exceeded not only fiscal year 2022’s record-setting total (98) but the last six fiscal years combined. The numbers at the ports themselves are significantly higher. There have been 49 encounters at ports at the north and southern borders so far this fiscal year, compared to 564 last year.

That’s very disturbing. On 9/11, a mere 19 terrorists killed almost 3,000 people. Imagine how many Americans could be massacred by the dozens of terrorists entering the U.S. thanks to Biden’s border policies.

There are also potential terrorists and criminals entering America, not to mention gang members pretending to be asylum seekers. Border Patrol arrested a whopping 15,267 criminal illegals in Fiscal Year 2023. In FY2022, there were 12,028 criminal illegals arrested. In contrast, in FY2020, under Trump, only 2,438 were arrested. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) also flagged almost 75,000 illegal aliens across our country as potential national security risks this past fiscal year, due to the individuals’ potential terrorist ties.

According to House Republicans on Twitter/X Dec. 11, the Biden administration releases a whopping 5,000 illegal immigrants into America every single day. It is sad but true that Border Patrol agents have essentially become welcome committees rather than law enforcement. Meanwhile, an unknown number of criminals, gang membersterrorists, and foreign agents (including a potential invasion of Chinese Communists) are among the migrants who are flooding the border in ever-climbing numbers and dispersing around the whole country.

America is under attack. We are being invaded by a hostile army greater than the army that ensured the doom of the Nazis during WWII.


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