A Clip of the New Ricky Gervais Netflix Special Is Out, Causing A Shit Storm


Ricky Gervais, a comedian, is the honey badger in comedy. He is small, but he does not give a damn and will slaughter anyone and everything…but I didn’t say fudge.

Sam Roberts, SiriusXM’s host, invited Gervais to join him as a guest. He noted that he had seen the Netflix comedy special that Gervais was in on Tuesday. After watching it early, he speculated that the memo Netflix sent to employees telling them to quit if there was no interest in working on projects they disagree with might have been Gervais.

The clips have started rolling in and now the special is available. Roberts may have been correct, but Gervais doesn’t spare anyone’s feelings within the trans community. One video is particularly popular because it breaks all of the rules established by mainstream culture. You can see it yourself.

*language warning*

Gervais created this 60-second clip to make fun of society’s treatment of transgender people with silk gloves. It covers everything, from pronouns that define gender to dismissing concerns about rape because someone is misgendered to dismissing concerns about rape.

Outrage has already begun pouring in. This is the same old schlock that trans activists and their friends are used to. Gervais’s jokes are often cited as the reason why people will suddenly look for transgendered individuals and start assaulting them.

There were also allegations that Dave Chappelle’s comedy special “The Closer”, which included jokes about transgender people, would lead to violence against them. Although it didn’t happen, an LGBT person attempted to inflict violence on Chappelle while he was performing comedy on stage.

This is really about a group who had dictatorial control of mainstream culture and are now starting to lash out. This attack would not be the first by an LGBT activist, or even a disturbed person who identifies with LGBT like the one that attacked Chappelle.

However, Gervais’ comedy special that does not treat transgenderism with the reverence it deserves by mainstream culture standards is still necessary. People would be punished for misgendering people for years. People would lose their jobs and be banned from social media. At one time, politicians tried to pass laws against misgendering. Transgenderism is now a sacred cow. But sacred cows shouldn’t exist in a free society.

At some point, everything needs to come down to reality. This is the turn of the trans community, but it was inevitable. People can only be told that they cannot be laughed at for as long as it takes before society reacts. For society to be balanced, comedy is essential. Transgender people are now experiencing their balancing moment.


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