‘A Trump Infomercial’: Backlash Erupts Against CNN for Hosting the Former President

PAUL BOIS 10 May 2023

CNN faced backlash from opponents of former President Donald Trump for hosting him in a town hall on the network Wednesday, charging that they gave him a stage.

“CNN should be ashamed of themselves,” lamented socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). “They have lost total control of this ‘town hall’ to again be manipulated into platforming election disinformation, defenses of Jan 6th, and a public attack on a sexual abuse victim. The audience is cheering him on and laughing at the host.”

“This is a Trump infomercial,” lamented Meghan McCain.

“This is an irresponsible disaster of journalism. We have absolutely learned nothing,” said Matt Fuller of the Daily Beast.

“This is really not going how CNN must have thought or hoped it would go,” said Yahoo News senior correspondent Michael Weiss. “He is steamrolling, getting laughs for his crassest comments, and seems far more self-assured and confident than someone this deep in the soup should be.”

Sarah Reese Jones of PoliticusUSA lamented how CNN chose to begin the interview by not touching the E. Jean Carroll civil trial verdict, which found Trump guilty of sexual abuse and defamation, not rape. The interview eventually did touch on E. Jean Carroll wherein the former president said that women will still vote for him.

“CNN’s Kaitlin Collins is being steamrolled by Trump, who has pushed 2020 election lies, promised to pardon the 1/6 insurrectionists, and smeared E. Jean Carroll,” she wrote in an article.

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  1. Trump spoke true 100 percent! Why raid ONLY his home Maralago and not Bidens home? Why are the Dems not impeaching Biden? Why has Biden and others not been arrested?
    Can we say “Marxist Law”? Can we say “Double Standards”? Can we predict “moving backward for a return to the slavery of people”? Regretfully, that’s how it seems at this point.
    TRUMP 2024! This Democrat votes Trump and those OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE!


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