A Winning Midterm Strategy for Republicans


The GOP’s legacy media is a source of much bad news. Democrats and their stenographers will minimize the details because they are well aware.

Recent polls of likely voter show that Democrats and media are playing a dangerous game. The Convention of States Action conducted a survey across the country to determine how voters view the case for voting in favor of the GOP. This also evaluated voters’ views on two key issues addressed in the Republican deal.

Convention of States Action president Mark Meckler summarised the situation well. ”

Only 33.9% felt McCarthy made a strong case to elect Republicans in his speech introducing The Commitment to America. At the end of Labor Day, 56.1% said that the GOP had not provided a compelling case to support their election in November. Only 10.0% were unsure.

A new poll has shown that nearly 11 percent of Republican voters believe their party has made the case to 71.8%.

Meckler observed that “But, we polled 2 key proposals within the “Commitment to America”-voters responded positively. They also showed support.” Meckler noted that “But, when we polled 2 of the key proposals within the ‘Commitment To America’-voters responded positively and showed support.”

Voting for unaffiliated people
Asian voters
Hispanic voters
White voters
Voters between 23 and 44
Only one demographic said they were more likely than others to vote for a candidate who supported the COA’s commitment to more natural gas and oil production. It was likely that voters who identified themselves as Democrats were more likely to vote for a candidate who supported the COA commitment for more oil and natural gas production. They don’t believe the GOP can sell them enough. “They don’t believe that the Republicans will deliver on their promises.

Meckler’s analysis on the GOP’s track records of fulfilling its promises may contribute to these findings. Republican voters are likely to support the notion that McCarthy and the GOP have made a case for the midterm elections after the COA was raised in September.

The poll showed an increase in unaffiliated voters and Democrat-like voters. This is a serious problem.

This is an extreme form of deflection by Democrats and the media. The poll shows that Republicans should continue to talk about energy policy because prices are increasing again.

Republicans should not allow the media to press them on January 6th, or any other legal issue, but they must stop it before November 8. The GOP must stress its commitment to energy independence and parental rights, in order to convince as many voters as possible.

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