ABC’s The View Addresses Cease & Desist Letter From Turning Point USA


ABC News’ Wednesday’s ABC News show, “The View”, issued an apology to Turning Point USA. They were asked to retract any defamatory statements made earlier in this week. You could also face legal action. This was first reported by a disgusting Turning Point USA Email. “The View” was given until Wednesday by the liberal panelists to retract statements linking neoNazi demonstrators to Tampa’s last weekend Turning Point USA event. ABC News quickly responded to the comments in its first episode after receiving the letter.

Haines claimed that a Turning Point USA spokesperson had stated that the group “100% condemns such ideologies”. Haines stated that Turning Point USA security tried to remove the neo Nazis but couldn’t because they were on public land. Turning Point USA also asked us to clarify that this was not a Republican Party event, but a Turning Point USA Summit.

It was said by Whoopi Goldberg. Turning Point USA spokesperson said that Haines should be reprimanded.

Monday’s View featured the TPUSA Student Action Summit, Florida. The View’s cohosts ridiculed it, calling it “a page from WWE”. Joy Behar criticized Joy Behar for her criticism of the group’s ties with the GOP. Joy Behar also criticized Joy Behar’s refusal to allow neo Nazi protestors in the venue.

Then she said that Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis said “nothing”, but she failed to mention that the Republican governor was there on the day the neo Nazis arrived.

The View read on-air an online legal disclaimer that stated that Turning Point USA had condemned the neo Nazis protestors who “had nothing to do”.

Goldberg stated, “But, they allowed them in but they knew what they were,” before panelists were forced read another disclaimer. She said that the neo Nazis weren’t “outside protestors” so TPUSA wouldn’t allow them in.

Turning Point USA sent the letter to ABC News executives setting July 27 as the deadline for an apology or retract.

The View’s July 25, 2006 segment was marred by false statements that caused substantial financial losses to TPUSA,” stated the letter to ABC News New York bureau chief Joshua Hoyos as well as to ABC assistant chief counsel Ian Rosenberg.

Turning Point USA verified twitter account stated that Whoopi was quiet despite her comments on Wednesday.


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