Afghan Defense Department Contractor, Now in Kansas City, Was in Touch With ISIS


Last Sunday, the FBI took a break from its persecution of prolifers, parents who attend school board meetings, and Trump supporters to capture a terrorist. Evidently, the agents involved went rogue and diverted from the Biden-era FBI’s focus on crushing “an extremism which threatens the very foundations our republic,” which Old Joe called “an extremism that threatens to destroy the very foundations our republic,” which comes from “Donald Trump” and “the MAGA Republicans.” However, in their extracurricular excursion into reality, they found a living terrorist: Mohammad Rafi Mohammadi (an Islamic State (ISIS), operative) member of the Kansas City). Mohammadi was a translator back in Afghanistan for the Department of Defense. This fact highlights a lot of the problems with our counterterrorism strategy — not that anyone at the FBI or DoD will notice.

The Kansas City Star reported Mohammadi was “once employed as a translator in Afghanistan under contract for the U.S. Department of Defense” but now “faces one count in the U.S District of Kansas of making false statements regarding obtaining his security clearance. This crime carries a maximum sentence of five years in federal jail.

This means that Mohammadi will be convicted and back on the streets before the five-year period is up. The Defense Department can then rehire him. It is impossible that the DoD would do this, right? They already made numerous mistakes when dealing with Mohammadi, so why not make more? According to the Star, Mohammadi sought his security clearance to work as a contract linguist and answered a false question on a federal form. According to that document Mohammadi said that he never acted with anyone in terrorist activities.

But, federal prosecutors and the FBI allege that Mohammadi was involved in helping two individuals who sought to recruit and train ISIS-K members. This is a section of the terrorist group centered in Afghanistan’s Khorasan Province. Investigators made their conclusion partly based on Mohammadi’s 2021 statements to a confidential informant, his public Facebook posts, and social media messages. Mohammadi was also interviewed in October by the FBI.” This suggests that Mohammadi’s evidence of ISIS-K was collected long after he submitted his security clearance request form. But there are some that date back to before that.

The Star also stated that records from Western Union allegedly showed that Mohammadi wired $2,000 to an individual in Afghanistan from a Lenexa branch. This was in order to have $400 given to Individual #1 in May 2018. Authorities claim that Mohammadi also posted Facebook posts about the arrest of that person by Afghani security forces.” This means that Mohammadi had already posted pro-ISIS-K material to Facebook when he filled out his form. American officials couldn’t even bother to verify that information before he was granted his security clearance.

He was also arrested in Kansas City. He was reportedly one of the Afghans that Old Joe Biden and his henchmen brought to America after the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Americans were told they owed the people who helped them over there to help them make a new start over here. What would Mohammad Rafi Mohammadi’s response to the kindness shown him by joining with ISIS supporters and planning a jihadi attack on American soil? Although we may never find out, there are no signs that he has experienced a major change in his heart.

The DoD is the real problem. Mohammad Rafi Mohammadi was hired by the Defense Department. It proved that they were not “Islamophobic.” However, the Defense Department wouldn’t dream of hiring an opponent to jihad violence or Sharia oppression. This would be considered “Islamophobic” by them, and the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations would lavishly cover it. This episode with Mohammad Rafi Mohammadi won’t get much media coverage. Is any chance the DoD has, will it make the same mistake again and again? There are no lessons to be learned, nor will there be any, so long as the corrupt establishment is in control.

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