Amber Heard’s Terrible Day in Court That Revealed 5 More Lies


The Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation trial had an epic day on Wednesday. Heard’s claims are falling apart faster than my straight hair on a humid day. It’s hard to choose the most damaging testimony for Heard from all that we all heard Wednesday. But I’ll do my best.

1. Kate Moss Wrecks Amber’s Fake Stairs Story

Heard claimed Depp had pushed Kate Moss up the stairs. Kate Moss stood first and completely discredited Heard’s claims.

Depp’s team called Kate Moss, a supermodel, to testify in Depp’s favor. Moss’s story was very different from Heard’s ridiculous allegation that Depp had pushed Moss up the stairs, and Depp’s team called supermodel Kate Moss to testify as a witness. She stated, “And as soon I left the bedroom I slid down the stairs and I hurt my back. “I was in pain and didn’t know what happened. I screamed. He returned to me and carried me to my bedroom, where he got me medical attention. ”

Moss answered the direct question, “Did Mr. Depp push you or kick you down any steps?”

2. Dr. Curry Exposes Amber Heard’s Expert Witness as an Unprofessional Hack

As if all that wasn’t enough, Depp’s psychologist, Shannon Curry, came back to the podium to discredit Dawn Hughes, a psychological specialist. Curry criticized Hughes for calling checklists “tests” and presenting incorrect results about falsifying symptoms and malingering as facts.

It is crucial that we use precise language and don’t present opinions or facts. It is possible for a layperson to not detect the differences when you are acting in an expert witness capacity.

Curry’s response to this absurd testimony was flawless. Hughes kept commenting on Depp’s character as she had. Now, the jury is aware of the truth.

3. Former TMZ Reporter Wrecks Amber’s Claim That She Didn’t Alert the Press

Depp is the rightful owner of all copyrights if you take a video with your phone. She was the one who recorded Depp’s attack on his cabinets and wine glasses until she transferred it over to TMZ.

Morgan Tremaine, TMZ’s former field manager, testified that he was aware the video had been changed in copyright within fifteen minutes. It is clear that Heard was the original copyright owner and gave the recording to TMZ. Heard, the copyright owner, gave the recording to TMZ. This was a devastating testimony.

Tremaine was discrediting Heard’s claims. Tremaine said that you could only get copyright over media if it was shot yourself. It could be sent to the tip line, and source-verified that it was from the original copyright owner. Then we could either buy it from them or have it given to our office. If the copyright holder gives it directly to us, that would be the third option.

Tremaine stated that copyright is not easy to obtain. In the Heard case it took just fifteen minutes. This is about how long it takes TMZ to send a post to a copyright holder.

Heard claimed she didn’t release the video, and also claimed she didn’t tip TMZ about her court appearance to get restraining orders against Depp.

This footage clearly shows Heard slowing down and turning her bruise toward the cameras.

Tremaine was a sharp witness in cross-examination. He criticized Elaine Bredehoft (a Heard lawyer) for trying to say he was only in it to get the fame. TMZ attempted to prevent Tremaine from testifying by filing a motion for intervention, but that was denied. Tremaine replied, “I’m actually putting myself in the target of TMZ”. He responded, “I could also speak about Amber being a client of mine,” which caused laughter and gasps in the gallery.

4. Photographic Forensics Expert Destroyed Amber’s Claim that her Photographic Evidence Wasn’t Edited

Depp’s group summoned a forensics specialist to the stand to examine Heard’s photos of her injuries. Heard testified that he had never edited or used filters on photos and that he didn’t know-how.

5. Oops! Someone saw Amber allegedly hit her ex-wife.

Witness to Heard’s domestic violence arrest in 2009 against her ex-wife came forward to testify before the jury. They got into an altercation where Ms. Heard grabbed her companion’s neck and pulled it from her neck. This stopped any further injuries. She said, “Ms. Heard was aggressive toward her travel companion…I could detect alcohol.” ”

Today is the closing argument and the trial has ended, we can’t wait to hear the verdict.


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