American Rabbi Had a Stern Warning for Democrats

AP Photo/Kathy Willens

For years, many have wondered why American Jews remain solid Democratic Party supporters when the base has become increasingly hostile toward Israel and Judaism. Even some liberal Jewish supporters had to have known that Barack Obama wasn’t the friendliest president to our only democratic ally in the Middle East. With the Gaza War, the acceleration of antisemitism has reached a fever pitch, where college campuses have become hotbeds for pro-Hamas advocacy and anti-Jewish hatred. 

Liberal Jews find themselves aghast as colleagues now view them as persona non grata, given their support for the Jewish state. That’s how the progressives are—you can be to the left of Lenin on all issues, but if there’s one where you deviate, they’ll destroy you. J.K. Rowling is an ardent supporter of leftist organizations like Amnesty International. She’s in no way a conservative, but her position on the transgender debate has left her a pariah.  

 Now, it seems even American Jews have reached historic levels of anxiety given the Democratic Party’s attitude toward Israel, which is nothing short of hostile. If it’s not that, it’s so two-faced that it would be best for Israeli officials to ignore phone calls from Biden. I’ll get to that in a second, but first, Rabbi Ammi Hirsch had this warning for Democrats. His synagogue eschews partisan politics, but he offered a non-partisan word to elected Democrats, which was essentially a warning: “Don’t take American Jews for granted.”

 Rabbi Hirsch said he spoke to scores of American Jews who are worried about the levels of hatred and hostility directed toward Israel from Democrats, along with the tolerance of antisemitism within the rank-and-file.

“Be careful,” he added. “The results of the upcoming elections do not only depend on Michigan.”

Michigan is one state where Muslim voters are rebelling against Biden over the Gaza War. It’s one of the principal reasons why Biden so desperately wants Israel to end its war, which would keep Hamas a functional terrorist organization. The man needs this conflict out of the news, which is chipping away at his poll numbers with core voter groups he needs to win in November.


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