Americans Raise Eyebrows Over Kamala Harris’s Latest Word Salad

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

Vice President Kamala Harris suffered another word salad, this time on banks.

While delivering a redundant speech that made Americans seem too stupid for their own good, Harris over-explained that “community banks are in the community” and that investing in them is good for the community.

“And so for years, we have worked to expand investment in community banks because, you see, community banks specialize in providing loans and financial assistance to small business owners, in particular those in overlooked and underserved communities,” Harris said while speaking to reporters at the Sycamore & Oak retail village in D.C., “And as the name suggests, community banks are in the community.”

The term “word salad” has often been associated with Harris because she constantly talks to Americans like they are third graders who don’t understand anything.

However, the vice president’s umpteenth word salad was met with criticism by Twitter.

“But do they also offer services as it relates to banking?” Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s deputy spokesman Chad Gilmartin questioned, while Townhall columnist Derek Hunter referenced a famous Homer quote from The Simpsons, saying, “She’s sooooo sMrT!”


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