Another Secret Service Scandal?


Kamala Harris was involved in an accident while driving to the White House earlier this month. Although the Secret Service reported at first that there was a mechanical problem, it later revealed that this accident was caused by an unfortunate driver.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday night that Secret Service Director Kim Cheatle had received information from other agents by Monday afternoon. “In fact many Secret Service agents in Harris’s detail, and at the White House knew that Harris’ driver had hit the tunnel sidewalk.”

Anthony Guglielmi, Secret Service spokesperson, eventually admitted that Harris’ SUV driver had “major overcorrected” and struck “the curb.”

Sources told the Washington Post that the tire was damaged enough to need to be replaced because of the severity of the overcorrection.

Witnesses captured Harris’s motorcade shortly after the incident.

Although no one was injured, the main issue is why the Secret Service initially misrepresented the cause of the accident. Why did the media take so long to report on the accident? This story follows a Secret Service report that Joe Biden claims no record of the people he has met while at his Delaware home. The White House also failed to disclose the number of Secret Service agents Biden had met with while he was at Delaware homes last year.

Although the Secret Service is meant to physically protect the President and Vice President, we don’t expect it to be used to cover up accidents or visitor logs.

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