AOC Gives the Game Away, Goes Over the Edge in Latest Unhinged Attack on SCOTUS

AP Photo/Alastair Grant

We’ve been following how Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) doesn’t seem to understand the purpose of the Supreme Court. She seems to think that the Court answers to her and Congress. Of course, that’s what the Democrats would like. But that isn’t the way our system is set up under the Constitution. The Supreme Court is separate on purpose so it is not subject to the whims of politics, meaning that the politicians can’t control it, no matter how much they would like to. The reason? The justices can make their decisions based on the Constitution and not based on the current political narrative.

In her latest attack on the Court, AOC gave away the game right at a town hall Thursday as to why she was lashing out at them.

“So we got three really bad Supreme Court rulings last week,” AOC said. That’s it. She could have stopped right there, that’s why she’s attacking the Court, and we all know it. She doesn’t even seem to understand how she’s flagging how political her attack is.

But she continues, smearing the justices and claiming that they’ve been learning that the justices have been receiving “financial benefits” from billionaire benefactors with interests and cases before the Supreme Court. She doesn’t, of course, lay out any evidence at all to support that in this clip or anything that showed it pertained to the cases that had come down. But she said, “We have to put a stop to [it], right now.”

Ocasio-Cortez said she believed there should be congressional investigations into the Supreme Court and this “unethical activity.” She said the Senate (controlled by Democrats) asked Chief Justice Roberts to come before them to testify, and he refused. As he should have, because he isn’t subject to their oversight for political reasons. What’s troubling here is not Roberts’ response but the Democrats’ effort to intimidate the Court with such actions. AOC said that if the Court refuses to comply, she thinks they should subpoena them. This is the thing of which banana republics are made. She needs an education on the separation of powers.

She uses ethical questions as an excuse for the attack, which is truly ironic since Democrats have issues keeping their own house in order when it comes to that. I’ll believe she’s serious about money in politics when she starts calling out her Congressional colleagues. Plus, speaking of ethics, wasn’t she under an ethics investigation? Maybe she should concentrate on cleaning her own house? Maybe she should be concerned about the ethics in the DOJ and the FBI, which she does have some oversight over. Notice that doesn’t concern her at all.

As we’ve said in the past, AOC doesn’t seem to understand the structure of our constitutional government. In 2018, she said that the Democrats “needed to take back all three chambers of Congress — Uh, rather, all three chambers of government: the presidency, the Senate, and the House.” Speaking of alleged bribes, maybe she wants to check in with Joe Biden?

AOC previously made it clear that the effort to restrict the Court wasn’t really about any justice’s ethics — that’s just the excuse, and that’s why they want to pack the Court to be able to get the political results they want. How bad is her understanding? When she was asked if she thought the justices’ powers should be limited, her response was “Yes.”

I truly do. And this is not a new development in history. This is part of our system of checks and balances.

The courts, if they were to proceed without any check on their power, without any balance on their power, then we will start to see an undemocratic and, frankly, dangerous authoritarian expansion of power in the Supreme Court, which is what we are seeing now, from the overturning of abortion rights, to the ruling that discrimination and, frankly, stripping the full personhood and dignity of LGBTQ people in the United States.

No, it’s the exact opposite of our system. The Court is NOT supposed to be politically checked by Congress. The Court is by design “undemocratic” — it’s supposed to be solely based on the law and the Constitution. The “authoritarian expansion of power” in this scenario is the Democrats in Congress like AOC who want to delegitimize the Court.


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