Apple’s Latest ‘Carbon Neutral’ Ad Is So Cringey You’ll Welcome Climate Change


Apple is a company with a slick exterior and an interior that is rotten to the core. It’s one of those corporations that pretends to care but, when the curtain is pulled back even a little, it’s pretty obvious that there is more than a little evil happening within it.

And when I say “pretends to care,” the thing it pretends to care about is morality based on what the left defines it as. If Democrat politicians are pushing an agenda or a narrative, Apple will back it up through their practices, and no issue is more important to the left than “climate change.”

That’s why Apple is committed to being so “carbon neutral.” In fact, its latest commercial says it’s going to combat carbon so hard that it’s going to eliminate all carbon from the atmosphere.

The ad is about as cringe as it gets. It features a room filled with Apple’s various department heads including CEO Tim Cook. The entire room is nervous as they’re about to give a presentation on their green energy efforts to a special guest.

That special guest ends up being Mother Nature and her assistant.

What unfolds is the entire room of people simpering over a hard-to-please and clearly frustrated lowercase “g” god, and reassuring her that they’re moving toward carbon neutrality and green energy consumption at a superb pace. This includes the elimination of all carbon in the atmosphere. Eventually, Mother Nature is pleased with Apple’s progress and leaves, leaving the entire room filled with happy and relieved people.

Apple makes itself look like a climate hero in this ad. If you can stomach it, you can watch it for yourself below.

But this little ad exists on the internet and people responded to Tim Cook, who posted the ad, with the reality of what Apple truly is as a company.

People began posting pictures of the Chinese sweatshops where Apple products are made with what amounts to slave labor. This includes the nets they erected near the bottom of the buildings to stop those from jumping off and committing suicide.

Then there’s the claim within the ad that Apple uses 100 percent green energy. As the Foundation for Economic Education points out, this is just the company playing with numbers:

What’s worse is that Apple’s claim that 100% of the energy used to power data centers comes from renewable energy simply isn’t true. As Don Carrington writes in Carolina Journal, “California-based Apple promotes its 500,000-square-foot data center in Maiden, N.C., by saying it runs “100 percent” on renewable energy even though the facility continues to get all of its electricity from Duke Energy, a public utility that primarily generates electricity using coal, nuclear power, and natural gas.”

As Alex Epstein explains, Apple pays other energy users who derive a fraction of the energy usage from renewable energy to “credit” their renewable consumption to Apple. For example, a factory which gets 5% of its energy from wind power will “credit” that wind power to Apple and Apple credits some of their coal-powered data center usage to the factory.

Moreover, you’ll notice in the ad that quite a few of the people in it who claim to represent Apple are obese. Obese people consume more and are willing to bet that some of the stuff they’re consuming happens within the building. You’re going to tell me that Apple has sustainable gardens where vegetables are fresh picked, and a free-range farm where they get their proteins from? All of it adds to a perfectly healthy lifestyle?

I doubt it.

It’s just more ESG, and climate change narrative nonsense.

Climate change is incredibly useful to the left as it allows them to continuously raise the alarm about an encroaching doomsday that never comes while promising to prevent it. All you have to do is allow yourself to be regulated to your own detriment. Those who push the climate narrative naturally don’t believe what they’re saying and it’s evidenced by their actions, but these rules are for the peasantry, not them.

They’ll even make you commit to climate change to the point of your own death. You can ask Maui citizens about that.

While it’s cool that Apple is trying to move into using more sustainable materials, it should stop lying about how much it’s actually doing for the environment or the people who make its products.

And it definitely should stop doing it in such a cringey way.


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