Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Leaves CNN Reporter Speechless


Republican Kari Lake is running to be Arizona governor. Although it’s a very crowded GOP primary field, Lake has been endorsed in large part by President Donald Trump.

Trafalgar Group gave her 12 points.

She may have done just that on Thursday. With her comments about a CNN reporter, Lake almost set the internet ablaze. Kyung Lah, a reporter for CNN, was trying to get her for an interview. Lake, who has worked for KSAZ-TV as a media specialist for 22 years, demonstrated her ability to deal with CNN.

Lake mentioned CNN+, a streaming service in which CNN spent a lot of money but was canceled after just a few weeks. It failed to attract viewers. Lake stated, “I’ll do an Interview with You… As Long as it Airs on CNN+. Does that still exist?” It was amazing to see Lah’s expression when Lake said it. “I didn’t think so because people don’t like what your guys are selling which is propaganda. Boom. Boom.

This earned her lots of praise.

CNN has repeatedly shown that they don’t provide objective news. It’s time someone pointed this out to them. Although they may be making an effort to change, most Republicans still have a lot of work to do if they want to overcome the bias they displayed under Jeff Zucker’s former head.

This will be a great help to Lake and the base, who want to see Republicans who fight back and are not willing to go along with the rest — like the 15 Republicans that voted for the gun control bill in the Senate.


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