At NATO Summit, Biden Trashes SCOTUS, Says Dobbs Is Destabilizing the World


Presidents used not to attack the opposition in their country or the institutions run by the United States Government while they were abroad.

The saying, “Politics stops at the water’s edge” may have been true once before. It is embarrassing to speak out about internal political disagreements in public.

Biden broke two unwritten rules to score political points with his base in America while making America seem like an island.

Fox News:

Biden attacked the Supreme Court’s monumental decision. He was asked what he would tell people and other leaders around the world who think America is headed in the wrong direction.

In a Twitter video, Biden responded to Curtis Houck (Managing Editor of NewsBusters), Biden stated that the only thing that had been destabilizing was the Supreme Court of the United States’ outrageous behavior in overruling Roe V. Wade, while also challenging the right to privacy. ”

He said that “We have been leaders in terms of privacy rights, personal rights in the global” and that it was wrong for the Supreme Court not to do so.

Twitter was created.

The reality is that many abortion laws in industrialized countries are more restrictive today than under Roe in America. Europeans love degrading the U.S. and Biden’s pursuit of his country and America’s institutions abroad play into their antipathy towards America.

Biden didn’t say how Dobbs’ decision “destabilizes the world.” The White House, a lazy fool, doesn’t care much about facts.


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