Atheists Call for Record Voter Turnout Against ‘Christian Extremism’

A sign is displayed along Interstate 8 in San Diego, CA by The San Diego Coalition of Reason for non-believers in God. The organization paid for the advertisement to show support for others who might be afraid to admit their non-belief in religion and is part of a Nationwide campaign to raise the profile of nontheists.(Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Corbis)

American atheists are urging their fellow non-believers to vote against Christians, insisting it is a matter of “survival.”

The New Year’s message from Atheist Revolution declares that atheists and other non-Christians should have “the highest voter turnout of all” because they have the most to lose “when Christian extremists gain power.”

“We should vote like our lives depend on it because they do,” states the text, which warns that Christians are trying to exterminate them.

In order to rile up its base, Atheist Revolution insists that Christian extremists like Nick Fuentes “want the death penalty for non-Christians.”

File/St. Paul, Minnesota, Billboard saying that atheists also vote. (Michael Siluk/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty)

“This isn’t a secret. We ignore the threat at our own peril,” the site states. “We should keep it in mind when we aren’t excited about any of our local, state, and federal candidates.”

“If we need a reason to go to the polls, this could be it,” it adds.

Atheists need to get out and vote because “you don’t like what the Christian extremists have in store for us” and because “you don’t want to live in their world,” the atheists warn.

“This isn’t about upholding abstract principles or doing the right thing. It is about our survival,” the text declares. “If we want to have a future, we need to expand our efforts to oppose Christian extremism.”


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