AZ Secretary Of State Candidate Allegedly Tied To Voting Irregularities


Adrian Fontes (Democratic candidate for Secretary-of-State in Arizona) was accused of being involved in irregular voting in Arizona in 2018. He was the Maricopa County Recorder.

FOX News reported in 2018 that Fontes was “at center of a contentious ballot-count procedure in Arizona’s U.S. Senate Race, where Democrat Kyrsten Silena suddenly took a leading over Republican Martha McSally thanks to votes mostly from Maricopa County.”

The Arizona Republican Party protested several issues that Fontes caused during the Sinema/McSally Election. One was about when absentee votes were dropped off and how signatures could be confirmed. Others dealt with Fontes opening emergency voting centers on Tuesday before the election and mixing valid and disputed ballots.

Jonathan Line, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, stated that Adrian Fontes deliberately placed himself above the law. This man should not be trusted with administering elections in Arizona. We are currently reviewing all legal options and will continue to protect every legal voter in Arizona.

Fontes, an attorney was also praised for his defense of the straw buyer in Operation Fast and Furious by the Obama Administration. He represented Manuel Celisacosta, an alleged leader in Fast and Furious, who “transferred approximately 2,000 weapons to Sinaloa Cartel,” including the ones that were allegedly used for Brian Terry’s death.

On December 2, 2012. reported Fontes’ complaint that a U.S. Congressional investigation into Fast and Furious smuggling operations made it difficult for his client.

Fontes stated, “At the stage of the game, how do your client think can be fairly tried given all the exposure and details?”


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