Barack Obama Gets the Detroit Style Heckling Treatment Campaigning for Democrats


After former President Barack Obama visited Michigan on Saturday to campaign for fellow Democrats, it seems that something big is happening for the GOP in Michigan. He was also heckled.

Gretchen Whitmer

In Detroit:

Obama spoke front and center to a group of people who will vote for anyone with a “D” after their name, even if they don’t know what state they live in.

I am starting to wonder if the 2022 elections cycle will turn Michigan purple, rather than staying blue. The little things are adding up. You can find some of the things I see here. Gretchen Whitmer claims that Michigan schools are only closed for three months in a new Ad Eviscerates. This article…

@trafalgar_group#MIGov #Poll (10/18-21) shows incumbent #Whitmer and #Dixon in a statistical tie #mipol




0.4% Other

1.8% Und

and this blistering ad:

Whitmer is now in a surprisingly close race, which has narrowed from six weeks ago when Whitmer was leading by double digits. The tables have turned, it seems.

Democrats who find themselves in financial trouble will often turn to others to boost their campaign’s morale or to put money in the bank. They don’t turn to the current president of America, who has difficulty figuring out where to stand or whether he even wears pants. Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States is who they are looking for.

He is not as often hounded as he was in Detroit on Saturday.

His caucus, which thinks he is too liberal or progressive, is not Republicans.

We live in strange times.

Let us know if you have any questions.

@AnastasiaMares1 and @sbattle11 called out @BarackObama, the bloodthirsty man responsible for instigating conflict in Ukraine. If you want to learn how the US began the conflict in Ukraine, @IlhanMN Pay attention.

Obama is bloodthirsty. This is Alex Jones’ ranting about how water is making gay rhetoric. This is not how one should speak to the former leader of the Democratic party. Unless, of course, you were a preteen when Obama resigned and your only memory of him was his wave goodbye to the Orange guy that took over for him.

Today’s youth have no idea of basic things like history unless they are taught by a Basket Weaving for Wokeness 101 professor.

But I will give credit to these kids where credit is due. It’s a bit surprising that they didn’t know that Ukraine existed prior to 2022, going back to 2014. It’s a bit surprising that they knew Ukraine existed before 2022, going back to 2014. Also, calling Obama out for allowing Putin to carve Crimea in 2014 gives us a little more hope for the future.


If I thought these kids would draw a straight line between Obama’s foreign policy blunders, his former Vice President, and the current President, I would be wishing for too much. They would adopt many of the same disastrous foreign-policy stances.

This would be a lot to ask for, I’m sure.

It is amazing to me that these young people would attend a rally to get out the vote for Gretchen Whitmer, who is incredibly ineffective, and pick on the star speaker. This makes me stop and reflect. Could Michigan vote for a conservative governor for the first time since the 1990s?

My head is spinning from all the possibilities.

With eight days left, the Dixon team has the wind in their sails and has closed an almost impossible gap in the polls. To stay ahead of the polls, the Whitmer team is spending campaign war money faster than she signed an executive order closing down businesses and putting the elderly into nursing homes.

My head is spinning, and I am hopeful that Michigan will make the right decision on Tuesday, November 8th.

Side note: Whoever edited the video of Obama being heckled in Detroit on Saturday, incorrectly added audio, and made it into this below, how dare they? People wouldn’t show up to a rally and chant FJB, Lets Go Brandon.

They would?

Perhaps something is happening not only in Michigan but across the country.


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