Barack Obama Gives Democrats Reality Check About Connecting With Voters and Winning Elections


Barack Obama, the former President, is critiquing his party’s inability to focus on the most important issues facing Americans.

According to poll after poll, Americans care most about the economy, inflation, jobs, and immigration. Democrats are however focusing on Donald Trump’s abortion and Jan.

What did Obama say?

Obama criticized Democrats for focusing too much energy and attention on Trump while speaking on “Pod Save America”.

“We spend enormous amounts of energy, time, and resources to point out the latest insane thing,” he said… “That’s probably not something that, at the core of most voters’ minds, overrides their basic interest: Can I afford the rent? What is the gas price? Obama asked how he would handle child care.”

Obama stated that Democrats are “in trouble” with voters when they emphasize identity policies.

Obama stated, “I think that [Democrats] sometimes get into trouble is when we try and suggest that certain groups are more — because historically they have been victimized greater, that somehow they possess a status that’s distinct from other people, that we’re going to go around scolding folks for not using exactly the right phrases.”

He explained, “Or, you can know, that identity politics is the principle lens through which our various political problems are viewed.”

“I think that for many average people, it ends up feeling like you’re not talking to me and/or my concerns or my future,” Obama continued.

Obama stated later in the interview that Democrats must respond to Republicans’ argument that Democrats “are coastal liberals” and “are looking down upon you and think your stupidity.”

Obama stated that Democrats must connect with the average American and not give them “a bunch of policy gobbledygook.”

“That’s not how people think about these issues,” Obama said. “They think about them in terms of, ‘The life I’m leading day to day. How does politics, how is it even relevant to the things that I care most deeply about? My family, my kids, work that gives me satisfaction, having fun … not being a buzzkill, right?

“And sometimes Democrats are,” the former president acknowledged.

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