Bernie Sanders Reacts To Concerns From Democrats On Student Loan Handout


I-Vt. Senator Bernie Sanders responded on Sunday to criticisms of President Biden’s $500,000,000,000 student loans handout. He said the “criticism was correct”, before explaining that the “answer to the question is not to deny assistance to people who can’t deal with these horrendous debts.”

“Well, the truth of it is, in some sense that criticism is right,” Sanders, who caucuses alongside Senate Democrats, stated on ABC’s “This Week.”

Anchor George Stephanopoulous said Sens. The proposal was criticized by Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) and Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.), along with Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio).

Sanders stated that “maybe, just maybe” Sanders is right and that he wants a government that works for all workers, not just those at the top.

Sanders said, “Maybe, we should have courage to take down the drug companies and pay ten times less for a drug than they do elsewhere in the world, so the answer to that is, not do what Republicans want to,” “Oh, it’s unfair for this person because we are helping that person. Perhaps the answer is to create a government that works for everyone and not just wealthy campaign contributors.

In a press release, Senator Bennet stated that the student loan handout should have been “further targeted at relief, and offered a way of paying for this plan.”

Rep. Tim Ryan is running for the Ohio Senate seat. He stated in a campaign statement that it sends “the wrong message to millions of Ohioans who don’t have a degree and work just as hard to make ends meets.”

Ryan said that the Biden administration should work to push for a tax cut in order to benefit working- and middle class families.

“There are a lot people who make 30, 40, and even more a year than those who didn’t go to college. They need help, which is why I have been proposing a tax reduction for working people that will impact everyone,” Ryan stated during a CNN interview. You could allow them to negotiate — renegotiate lower interest rates with the student loan component in my proposal.”


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