Biden Alarms Twitter With Second Pandemic Comments


President Joe Biden sounded alarmists on Twitter by saying that COVID-19 vaccines are being given to children younger than five years old.

Biden was provoked to act out by the head-turning comments of a reporter. He wanted to know what kind of spending the U.S. government would be willing to continue to make to produce and distribute additional vaccines and maintain the infrastructure necessary to combat COVID-19, which lingers in the country.

Last week, the FDA and CDC approved emergency use of COVID-19 vaccinations for children as young at six months.

The reporter told Biden, “I know you want more money to fund this vaccine campaign. COVID funding will continue in the fall.” The reporter then asked Biden, “How many vaccines are there for these kids and how many can I get vaccinated before Congress provides more money?” ”

Biden responded, “We’ll make through at least the calendar year,” before adding that “We need more money.” We don’t need more money to provide vaccines to children.

Biden confirmed his prediction that there would be another pandemic. “We must look ahead. ”

He attacked Trump’s government and said, “And that was not something the prior outfit did very well.” This is something that we have been doing very well. That’s why the money was needed.

Despite Twitter users being confused and annoyed at Biden’s warnings of “another pandemic”, they didn’t seem surprised.

Miranda Devine, a Fox News contributor and New York Post writer, tweeted “Right in Time For 2024”, suggesting that a pandemic could affect the upcoming election.

Conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong expressed his confusion at Biden’s statements. He was puzzled by the claim that Biden needed more money to combat a new pandemic. He asked, “What was he referring too?

Tara Servatius (Conservative radio host) tweeted: “Here’s Biden Administration saying US they plan to hold another Pandemic almost like it can be controlled.”

Sean Davis CEO of The Federalist said that it sounded very dangerous.

Gary Sheffield Jr., a podcaster for sports, responded to Biden’s remarks by tweeting: “Let Nancy Pelosi pay Nancy Pelosi using her investment portfolio. ”

Phil Holloway, a lawyer and podcast host, made fun of Biden’s remarks by tweeting: “Any clue when?” “I’d like to stockpile toilet tissue a little better next time. ”

Samantha Chang from the Western Journal suggested that Biden would use a second pandemic in order to disrupt the midterm election. This variant will occur shortly before the November midterm elections.

James Melville, a liberal author, reinforced the financial consequences of the first pandemic in order to warn about the potential for the “second” pandemic.”


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