Biden and Xi Hold First Call Since 2022, China Promptly Deploys Ships and Warplanes Around Taiwan

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I’m going to switch things up a bit in this article and begin with the bottom line:

Communist Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping has zero respect for besieged President Joe Biden — and fears the cognitively declining president even less.

The latest example of proof of the above rings clear as a bell.

Biden and Xi held their first phone since July 2020 on Monday. Within hours, dozens of Chinese warplanes and multiple naval vessels were reported around Taiwan, the largest coordinated display (implied threat) of 2024. At least 30 planes and nine ships were detected in Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) by the country’s Ministry of National Defense (MND). 

The MND announced via social media:

“30 PLA aircraft and 9 PLAN vessels operating around Taiwan were detected up until 6 a.m. (UTC+8) today. 20 of the aircraft entered Taiwan’s northern, middle line, and SW ADIZ. [Republic of China Armed Forces] have monitored the situation and employed appropriate force to respond.

Xi’s message to Biden? How to say this in a publishable manner… 

“Pound sand, Joe.”

Here’s more on what appears to have been an ineffectual call (for Biden) between the two leaders:

The two discussed a range of issues, including China’s increasingly aggressive military tactics aimed at Taiwan, Beijing’s relationship with Russia, and “continued concerns about the PRC’s unfair trade policies and non-market economic practices,” according to a White House readout of the call.
The call comes after Biden and Xi met in California in November for the first time in a year, after which the president said the two would “keep the lines of communication open,” but maintained criticism of his Chinese counterpart, telling reporters he still considers Xi a “dictator” and would operate under a “trust but verify” strategy when it comes to his dealings with China.
The White House described the conversation as “candid and constructive.”

Wait— “constructive”? As defined by what result? More than 30 ChiCom aircraft and nine warships detected in Taiwan’s air defense identification zone? Please. 

As has been the case with multiple presidents, Biden seems to place more weight on his personal relationship with Xi (as Biden sees the relationship) than on Xi’s vow of world dominance by 2049, which will mark the 100th anniversary of The People’s (Communist) Republic of China. That — and kissing up to Xi like nobody’s business. (See: Biden Family Business)

Oh, I almost forgot to include another example of why the Chinese dictator has zero fear of the mumbling, fumbling, discombobulated American president.

Biden stated unequivocally on Monday [May 23, 2022] that the U.S. would send the U.S. military to defend Taiwan if China invaded the island nation. He walked back that statement on Tuesday [May 24, 2022], however, saying the U.S. position of “strategic ambiguity” on Taiwan has not changed.
It was the third time in Biden’s presidency that he had appeared to announce the bombshell change in U.S. policy toward Taiwan only to have White House officials walk it back within hours.

Yep, you tell ’em, Joe. Give ’em hell! 

I’d love to hear the uproarious laughter echo throughout The Great Hall of the People in Beijing.


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