Biden Called Georgia Voting Law Jim Crow, but Data From First Day of Early Voting Just Upended That Narrative


Georgia’s voters broke the previous record for the opening day early voting in midterm elections by voting in the Peach State.

Voters also discredited the liberal narrative surrounding the law on election integrity that Gov. Brian Kemp (R), signed the law into effect last year.

What About The Law?

Famously, President Joe Biden called Georgia’s election integrity law a modern-day Jim Crow Law.

“This is Jim Crow in the 21st Century. It must stop. He said that we have a constitutional and moral obligation to act.”

However, the law does not prohibit voting and certainly does not encourage discrimination. Georgia’s lawmakers strengthened election integrity by expanding early voting, tightening absentee ballot restrictions to prevent fraud, and increasing the number of poll workers and stations in high-density areas. They also prohibited outside groups from soliciting votes at polling places.

What Happened In Georgia?

More than 130,000 people voted in the Georgia 2022 midterm general elections on Monday.

The voter turnout almost doubled in 2018 compared to the previous midterm first-day record.

“The numbers show that there is no suppression.” Gabriel Sterling, the Georgia secretary-of-state stated, “Record turnout was seen in the Primary as well as the midterm.”

WAGA-TV has more:

Over 4 million people could vote in this year’s state elections. If past trends continue, more than half of them will likely cast their ballots before Election Day. Nearly 2.5 million Georgians voted in the 2020 general elections early.

After the Republican-led legislature’s defeat in the 2020’s presidential election, this is the first year Georgians will go to the polls.

Ironically, this news comes just days following Sen. Raphael Warnock (D.Ga.), who is fighting Herschel Walker for a U.S. Senate Seat. Warnock stated that Georgia’s election integrity makes it more difficult to vote.

Warnock stated in a debate, “There is no doubt that SB 202 [the bill] makes voting more difficult — and that that is the intention.”

Georgian voters have until November 4th to vote their early-voting ballots. This means that they still have 17 days to reach their polling places before Election Day.


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