Biden Campaign Desperation Sets in, Now Saying the Polls Are Fake

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The Biden campaign has a new explanation for its current position in the 2024 election: The polls are fake. 

In a complete turnaround from their prior attitude, Joe Biden’s handlers are no longer touting survey results but are attacking them. The latest triggering occurred after The New York Times released a series of battleground polls showing Donald Trump leading by large margins in more than enough swing states to deliver a Republican victory in November. That included Nevada, a state Biden won in the contest four years prior.  

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The Biden-Harris HQ wasn’t amused by the numbers, and after MSNBC’s Morning Joe reported the results (with some panic mixed in), they responded with the following post.

“Does anyone think Donald Trump is leading in Nevada by double digits, seriously,” the over-caffeinated staffer furiously typed in the face of yet another disastrous round of polling for the president. It’s incredible seeing the same people who insisted the polls were trustworthy now trash them when it’s convenient.

Now, do I think Trump is leading Nevada by 13 points? Probably not, but that’s not what’s relevant. When you are analyzing polls, you can’t simply throw out the polls you don’t like as “slanted” while touting the ones you do, at least when talking about non-partisan pollsters. That’s called “unskewing,” and it’s produced terrible results in the past (ironically, for Republicans). 

That doesn’t mean every poll is correct, but there’s no way to know which ones are in the meantime. Polling aggregates have become popular for a reason, and while the Biden campaign wants to call the Times survey an outlier, Trump is still up in the overall aggregate as well, which would portend an electoral blowout given the dynamics of the electoral college. 

In short, there is no doubt that Trump is winning right now. People can argue the margin or what they think will happen if he’s convicted in the farcical New York criminal case, but that’s not data. The Biden campaign is desperate. They feel things slipping through their fingers, and they are lashing out. 

In the end, they have no one to blame but themselves. No one forced Biden to be arguably the worst president in the nation’s history. He made the policy decisions he made, and now he’s reaping the consequences. Americans are ticked, and it doesn’t seem like, at least as of this moment, that they are very amused by shouts of “muh democracy” and January 6th.


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