Biden Falsely Claims He Never Said A Negative Thing About John McCain, Despite Attacking Him In 2008


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Biden, despite his claims, said many negative things about McCain in 2008’s election as McCain ran for president as the Republican nominee. Biden was running for vice president under Barack Obama.

Biden spoke of McCain in Florida a month prior to McCain’s defeat in November 2008.

Biden stated that the majority of Americans want a steady hand, leadership and an optimist. He also added that he was not looking for an angry man who lurches from one place to another.

Biden had suggested that McCain, a former Vietnam POW/Navy pilot and Navy pilot was cowardly, weeks before he asked during a New Mexico speech: “Who is the real Barack Obama?”

Biden replied, “In my neighbourhood where I came from, if you have something to say to someone man look him in his eye and say it,”

Biden and McCain had a long-standing friendship, which deteriorated in 2008. However, they reconciled before the 2020 presidential election. Cindy McCain supported Biden over Donald Trump.

The White House didn’t comment.

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