Biden Goes on About Being Raised in Black Church, and It’s His Look at the End That’s Truly Concerning

AP Photo/Stephanie Scarbrough

I thought that I’d covered all the wild Biden moments in South Carolina, but it turns out there was one more set that needed to be seen. 

I think that they’re going to regret sending him there, given what a mess he made of the trip. Among the problems, he called former President Donald Trump the sitting president and then the White House had to clean up the transcript for that and other issues. He also had a monumental freak-out screaming about the debunked story that Trump refused to go to an American cemetery near Paris and called people “suckers” and “losers.” 

Biden also mentioned his son during the rant as though his son was one of the fallen, when his son died of cancer in 2015. His people didn’t have the sense to understand how bad that was and posted the rant from Joe Biden’s X account, doubling down on the crazy. 

Then, Biden announced that the three American soldiers had been killed at one of our bases (in Jordan), but then ended it by chuckling and joking about having to leave. 

Biden also visited St. John Baptist Church while he was there and extolled the power of the black church. 

Biden being Biden, he showed up late by 15 minutes and walked in like he was walking to a premier, not like he was walking into church late. 

If you know Joe, you probably know what he was going to say next. 

Biden has certain “malarkey moments” that he likes to tell people when he’s pandering to them, and one was how he spent so much time in black churches growing up, how he was “raised” in the black church. When he wasn’t being a civil rights fighting Polish and Puerto Rican trucker who got arrested trying to meet Nelson Mandela.

Here, in a true pandering moment, he referred to their church as “bringing me home” because he’s so used to being in black churches. 

“Thanks for bringing me home,” he told the crowd. “Y’all think I’m kidding. For the longest time, when I was a young public defender and a United States senator, I went to, if you’ll excuse me, an AME church, I apologize, with Rev. Beaman.”

“You brought it all back, Rev.” he said turning around to acknowledge the presiding reverend in the church. 

Does anyone believe this ridiculous pandering? 

“I’d always go to 7:30 mass at St. Joe’s, which is a Catholic church built by indentured Irish servants,” Biden said. “Then I’d go to 10:30 service with Rev. Beaman during the civil rights era when I was working hard as a young man.”

He also managed to goof up another name. 

“A’ja Williamson’s from here,” he claimed. “Can that woman play basketball! Whoa! That’s the only reason I was coming, I thought she was here!” Biden claimed, getting A’ja Wilson’s name wrong.  The WNBA star’s grandfather was a pastor in the church.

Then he said he was going to “get intro trouble with my wife for fooling around.” 

I bet. Jill is not going to be happy with him this weekend with all the issues that he had and the bizarre things that he said. 

His pandering about how much he was in a black church was just ridiculous, but it was his confusion and scary look, similar to the one he had when he was completely confused in Pennsylvania that got to me more than the malarkey about the church. 

There was only one obvious way down from the pulpit, yet he couldn’t seem to find it. For someone who’s supposed to be so used to black churches, he always looks incredibly awkward when he’s in one. But check the look he has at the end.

Complete confusion, deer in the headlights, arms crossing like a little boy, waiting to be told what to do next. Truly concerning. 

This is the guy who is supposed to be the leader of the free world and he’s completely gone. 



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