Biden Has Flip-Flopped Like a Fish on Abortion Over His Long Career


Joe Biden’s unhinged Friday speech about the Supreme Court’s decision not to overturn Roe V. Wade would make it seem like he is bitter and angry, having spent his whole life fighting for abortion rights.

You can wonder who this man is:

Cannot overstate just how far left Biden has moved on abortion

Even in 2006, Biden was saying things like “I do not view abortion as a choice and a right, I think it’s always a tragedy.”

— Zach Parkinson (@AZachParkinson) June 24, 2022

This tweet shows that the man in it isn’t today’s Joe Biden, and he doesn’t have the same opinions.

He states in the 2006 video that he doesn’t consider abortion a right or a choice. We should be focusing on ways to decrease abortions. To achieve this goal, we should all be able to find common ground.

That sounds plausible. He said this in May after a draft was leaked.

I believe that a woman’s right to choose is fundamental, Roe has been the law of the land for almost fifty years, and basic fairness and the stability of our law demand that it not be overturned.

His views are changing over time, and they are difficult to recognize. This is a 2021 New York Times story.

He was 30 years old and a Catholic. Soon, he realized that the Supreme Court had gone far in the Roe case concerning abortion rights. He told an interviewer that a woman should not have the “sole right to decide” what happens to her body.

Biden declined to speak with the Times. However, a spokesperson stated that Biden was a supporter of Roe and had strongly opposed Robert H. Bork’s 1987 nomination to the Supreme Court. You can thank Sen. Edward Kennedy (later) and Biden for that.

In 2019, Biden ran for the Democratic presidential nomination and faced criticism for his support of the Hyde Amendment, which banned federal funding for abortions. Being a man of principle, he quickly dropped his opposition and became the abortion warrior he is today.

Joe Biden wasn’t always so radical. Biden supported the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funds for abortions. Sadly, he dropped his support in 2019 when running for President to appease the far-left.

— Bryan Steil (@RepBryanSteil) January 28, 2021

Biden is no stranger to flip-flopping—in fact, he looks like a stranded catfish on the issue of crime, where he changes positions depending on which way the wind is blowing. He was hard on crime in 1994 and 1986 but now whines about the effects of the very laws he championed, as if it’s all someone else’s fault. He’s for defunding the police, then he’s against defunding the police — who knows.

We previously wrote that Biden had been “showing Americans who he really is – a feckless leader totally beholden to extreme left special interest groups, who would make this nation oppressive and unrecognizable if left to their own devices.”

It is obvious that Biden’s views shift with political climates. If the winds change, you can be certain that his positions will also change. He is nothing but a coward who stands for absolutely nothing.

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