Biden Makes Yet Another Wrong Move in a Desperate Attempt to Raise His Approval Rating


It is not an easy statement to say that President Joe Biden has lost his approval ratings. His popularity has been in rapid decline for some time. As his administration makes more mistakes and each public appearance brings about embarrassment, his image continues its slide among the American people.

There are efforts to increase his popularity. The attempt to shift the blame from him and his administration for the problems he caused began with this. Biden tried to divert blame to others, including oil companies and Russian President Vladimir Putin. But it was futile. Even though there were attempts to distract the public by events like the Supreme Court’s leaked draft Roe v. Wade decision, it did not save him.

It doesn’t remove rust by painting it.

Biden’s handlers have reached out to Hollywood friends to “Weekend At Bernie’s” Biden. They believe that Biden will be more likable if he is surrounded by people who enjoy his company. People vote more on emotions than any other factor. It worked well for former President Barack Obama. It’s smart.

It would be even better if Biden actually met someone who was capable of convincing independents and centrists to like him. Biden’s handlers reached Jimmy Kimmel, a late-night host of the Late Night Show.

They could have just as easily reached out to Michael Moore. Kimmel isn’t the play, given that Kimmel has tried to alienate himself from half the Americans. Kimmel’s open contempt for people who are right borders on obsessive, and he produces “jokes” which are only mean-spirited comments that get applause prompts from the audience.

He has repeatedly shown himself to be a hypocrite. He will abandon his noble leftist beliefs to use them to attack the right with as much malice as possible.

If they are trying to improve the approval rating of the former, sending Biden to Kimmel will not be a play. It will only confirm to Americans that Biden is not the “uniter” he pretends to be, but that he is willing to surround himself with people who are divided and hateful towards those who don’t share his beliefs.

At this point, his handlers might understand that Kimmel is not someone who will persuade moderates to support Biden, but rather increase his base of supporters. Kimmel’s funny and personable moments in the studio won’t be enough to impress Biden. Instead, the hardships faced by American families at home will overshadow them.

It doesn’t remove rust by painting it on. And there is a lot of it. Kimmel’s suggestion is only going to make it worse.


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