Biden Mocked for Holding Pelosi’s Hand in Tarmac Shuffle, Gets Confused About Navalny’s Widow

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Joe Biden flew into San Francisco on Wednesday, after his visit to Los Angeles After he went down the Air Force One short stairs, wearing sneakers to help prevent him from tripping, he was met at the bottom by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). They then held hands as she led him across the tarmac to Marine One. 

That sparked lots of comment and mockery. 

The NY Post reported on one of the cutting comments on X, which was pretty consistent with the general take of their walk, calling it a “nursing home reunion” look. Another called it “On Golden Pond II” referring to the Henry Fonda/Katherine Hepburn movie involving an elderly couple. 

But this take was particularly savage, riffing off the “Visiting Angels” commercial. 

While Biden was in San Francisco, he hit some campaign events, but they also had him meet with the widow of Alexei Navalny — Yulia Navalnya and her daughter Dasha. He praised Navalny’s courage and said his wife and daughter were emulating that. 

Biden said he was going to be announcing sanctions on Russia regarding Navalny’s death on Friday. 

Then his brain seemed to break without any teleprompter midway through this sentence. He seemed to lose what he was trying to say, midway through the sentence. 

“One thing that I made, that was made clear to me. Yolanda, she’s going to continue to fight…out of the way (?) Not letting up.”  Then he turned away, and shuffled off, without taking any questions 

I’m not sure exactly what he wanted to say. But he just met with her and already he forgot/confused her name, Yulia. Where the heck did Yolanda come from? He did something similar when he met the Queen of Jordan Rania, who he referred to as “Rihanna.”  

He didn’t realize he got it wrong in either case. 

In commenting on the meeting Biden had, many also noted that met with Navalnya far more quickly than he met with the people from East Palestine, Ohio. It took him more than a year to meet with them, then only after we got into the election season and he realized he needed Ohio to have a chance. 

But hey, those were only Americans from a red, Trump-supporting area, so he could go on all kinds of vacations before finally getting around to them. 



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