Biden Says Trump Supporters Not A Threat To Country After Speech Blasting MAGA Republicans


President Biden stated that he doesn’t consider Donald Trump supporters to pose a threat to the U.S. but that he did not consider the refusal to condemn violence for political gain “inappropriate.”According to Fox News’ Peter Doocy, the president responded to a question asking if all Trump supporters were a threat to the nation less than one day after blasting “MAGA Republicans” during a speech on Thursday.

“You continue trying to make this case. Biden stated that Trump supporters are not a threat to the nation. “I think anyone calling for violence, refusing to recognize an election…changing how you count votes is a threat, that’s a threat to democracy.

This seemed to contradict his speech on Thursday, in which he stated that U.S. politics was in a fight between “equality” and democracy, and that the GOP had violated these principles.

He tweeted that Trump and the “MAGA Republicans,” were “a threat to this country’s very soul.”

Biden stated in his Thursday speech that not all Republicans, not even the majority, are MAGA Republicans.

Biden was pushed back by Doocy Friday after his Thursday night speech, but he seemed to change his mind when Doocy Friday asked him.


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