Biden Says Willingness to Restart the Iran Nuclear Deal Has Nothing to Do With Iran Trying to Kill Americans


After the withdrawal of President Donald Trump from the Iran nuclear agreement, President Joe Biden said that he was open to working with Iran.

Trump said the following when he pulled out of the Iran nuclear agreement in 2018.

“We can’t prevent an Iranian bomb in the decaying and rotten structure… Therefore, I am announcing today the United States will be withdrawing from the Iran nuclear agreement.”

Under the nuclear deal, Iran committed to dismantling its nuclear program and opening its facilities to international inspections. This was in return for billions of dollars of sanctions relief. Trump pulled the United States from the agreement in 2018. Biden stated that the United States would reopen the nuclear deal if Iran started complying with the terms.

Numerous times, the Taliban and Iranian mullahs have chanted “death to America” on numerous occasions. Clarissa Ward, a CNN reporter even described how the Taliban were chanting “death to America” at her office.

“They are just chanting death to America but they appear friendly at the same. It’s bizarre.

Bizzare, indeed. Ward claimed that Ward was told by the group singing “death To America” to stay by her side because she is a female. She called the chants “friendly.”

Biden now wants to meet with the Taliban about the Iran nuclear agreement. Biden pointed out that this negotiation does not have anything to do with Iran trying to kill Americans.

This deal had one goal: to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Many experts say that if all parties keep their promises, the deal will almost certainly achieve its goal for more than a decade. This is the trade-off. Iran would receive billions of dollars in sanctions relief. This deal isn’t all black and white.

This is because the Biden administration was negotiating with a group of people who chant “death to America” and you would think they would reconsider negotiating with them. This same group also shouted, “death America, death Israel” and is an ally of America.

Nikki Haley was the former United States ambassador to the United Nations. She spoke out about the Biden administration’s attempts to revive the nuclear agreement on Fox News.

“Iran is selling drones and attacking American troops to Russia, and President Biden wants to make a deal to the Ayatollahs… It’s a slap on the face of Israel and our Arab allies and it’s dangerous for America.”

Biden is currently negotiating with Saudi Arabia over oil. If the administration reaffirms the nuclear deal, it will be a disaster. Iran would get billions of dollars, while the United States would continue to be threatened.


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