Biden Signs Declaration With Israel Pledging That Iran Will Never Build a Nuclear Weapon


Joe Biden is currently in the Middle East, trying to get the support of Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi leader to increase their crude oil output. This would be completely unnecessary if Biden had not declared war on America’s energy industry within the first week.

Our ally Israel was his first stop. He is more interested in stopping Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon than he is in slowing them down. Biden is the same. Biden and Yair Lapid, the Israeli Prime Minister, signed a U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership Joint Declaration pledging Iran that it will not acquire nuclear weapons.

Biden stated that “Ensuring Iran doesn’t obtain a nuclear weapon” was of vital security importance to Israel and the United States, as well as the rest of the globe. He spoke at a press conference after the signing. “Diplomacy is the best way to reach this result,” said Biden in a press conference following the signing. We will continue to work with Israel to counter any other threats from Iran throughout that region.

Lapid, however, has his own ideas about how to deal with Iran. He stated that Iran’s only option is to know that if they continue developing their nuclear program, the free world will use force.

Biden’s rhetorical shift may just be cosmetic. During the press conference, he stated that the United States “is not going to wait forever for Iran to join the 2015 nuclear agreement.”

Globe and Mail:

Following private talks on Iran’s rapidly progressing nuclear program, Biden stated that the U.S. had provided a pathway for Iran’s leadership to the nuclear agreement and was still waiting for a reply.

Biden stated, “When that will happen, I’m uncertain.” “But we are not going to sit still forever,” Biden said.

Biden expressed hope that Iran will be persuaded into the accord, even though he acknowledged that his patience was getting short. He stated, “I believe diplomacy is still the best way to reach this result.”

Iran will need to work harder if they want to end the nuclear deal negotiations. Biden’s patience when it comes to waiting for Iran to give up can seem almost inexhaustible. Biden will never be able to stop the negotiations if he doesn’t.

Iran does not need to explode a bomb in order to prove that it has reached the nuclear threshold. If they have a bomb design that works, simulations can show the Iranians. Israel is determined to strike now before Iran crosses that threshold.

Biden would like to wait until there is solid proof that Iran has made a bomb. This renders the “Strategic Partnership Joint Declaration” that they signed worthless. After Tel Aviv was reduced to ashes, this kind of “proof” would be available to Israel.

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