Biden, the Manchurian Candidate


Joe Biden is a Manchurian Candidate, which should not be questioned. There is ample evidence to support this conclusion. His actions have repeatedly been detrimental to American national security, and have benefited communist China’s pursuit of economic and political dominance around the globe.

Tucker Carlson, an investigative reporter at the Daily Mail and the New York Post who first reported on the Hunter laptop story, complemented Tucker Carlson’s work by cataloging documentary evidence linking the Biden family with influence peddling of the CCP. Carlson took it one step further, however, proving that the influence of the CCP has resulted in numerous policies by the Biden Administration that favor the communist regime at a cost to the United States. This case has constitutional implications under a clause Democrats vigorously asserted against President Trump without any evidence: the Foreign Emoluments Clause, Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8. Although there is ample evidence in support of that clause in the case of Joe Biden, Democrats and mainstream media have shunned it.

The Foreign Emoluments Clause states that “[n]o person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under [the United States], shall accept of any present or Emolument or Office, of any type whatever from any King or Prince or foreign state.” Carlson is correct in stating that Biden violated the Foreign Emoluments clause by receiving funds from foreign state-controlled entities through a joint account with Hunter. These funds were used to partially pay Joe Biden’s outstanding debts. Hunter’s foreign influence-peddling was a direct profit for him. Acceptance of an Emolument does not require knowing. Therefore, Biden’s claims of ignorance of the funds (dubious considering recent email evidence) are untrue.

Carlson’s monologue summarized much of the evidence that supports the conclusion that Biden sold out America to his family for their financial benefit. Biden and Biden’s family members made millions from influence-peddling schemes that involved America’s enemies. These were engineered by Hunter and others including Christopher Heinz, son of Climate Czar John Kerry. This not only netted Hunter tens of millions but also financially benefited James Biden as well as Joe Biden. Daily Mail reports also confirm Hunter and Joe had shared bank accounts. Some accounts were purportedly used to receive funds from foreign-controlled entities. Joe Biden was reimbursed for expenses out of those accounts. Belying Biden’s often-repeated claim that he had no knowledge of his sons’ business dealings with foreign actors, is not only supported by the correspondence and banking evidence, but also by a newly discovered email shared by Carlson. This email establishes that the claim is directly contradicted (to prove false). The evidence together invites investigation not only of several violations of criminal law but also of constitutional violations of the Foreign Emoluments Clause.

Carlson presented more than a dozen major Biden policies that support Communist China’s global dominion quest and undermine the nation’s security. There were: (1) Biden’s complete lack of follow-up to intelligence analysts’ conclusion (killing 6.35million worldwide); (2) Biden’s termination of Trump’s counterespionage “China Initiative” whereby the FBI and DOJ attempted to interdict CCP thefts of American intelligence; (3) Biden’s destruction of the fossil fuel sector in favor of China-dominated wind, solar, and thus a huge wealth transfer from America and China to China; (4) Biden’s ignominious retreat form; (7) Huawei licenses that allow the CCP to take over the market; and (8) Trump-era tariffs to China imports.

To Carlson’s list, Biden’s refusal to protect the United States against highly lethal Chinese-made Fentanyl entering the United States through its unprotected southern frontier every day should be added. This has caused fentanyl overdoses to be the leading cause of death in America aged 18 to 45.

Biden seems to believe he can continue his pattern of supporting communist China at American expense, without being criticized by the mainstream media, the American people, Congress, or the courts. The Nixon administration’s naivety in embracing “detente” with China is no longer the dominant factor in Americans’ perceptions of Xi Jinping and his brutal communist regime. Despite the fact that the media has not covered the China threat seriously, Americans are now aware, especially in the wake of China’s brutal suppression of freedoms in Hong Kong, and the enslavement and organ harvesting of some 1.8 million prisoners in CCP concentration camps (Uyghurs Kazakhs Kyrgyz and Turkic Muslims), that China’s totalitarian regime is working hard to eradicate freedom and replace it everywhere else in the world.

China was not westernized or reformed by capitalism, as Nixon and Kissinger believed. It has also never been truly capitalist. The CCP adopted state-controlled, state-directed capitalism and used its entry into the international community to not only compete fairly but also to exploit every weakness of the West, fulfilling the ultimate PLA aspirations for global dominion. Detente was actually a CCP/PLA springboard, allowing communist China to jump ahead in its quest for officiously intermeddling with, expanding malign influence among, as well as exercising economic and political control over all countries. China’s Belt and Road Initiative and suppression of Hong Kong (stifling all forms of dissent), influence peddling throughout the West, its bribery and global espionage, and strategic alliances made with enemies of the United States has put freedom and peoples under attack everywhere. While China is aggressive, we are in a defensive position. Everyone needs to wake up to the reality of CCP aggression. China is at war against the West. China sees war as a long-term effort where it first befriends and then weakens its enemies, making them more vulnerable to Chinese influence. This is how China can win its war against the West without firing a single shot. Although it is not a war that many West citizens recognize, it is one they do recognize. In his The Hundred-Year Marathon, Michael Pillsbury explains China’s strategy toward global dominance.

If Republicans win the majority of seats in the House and possibly the Senate in 2022’s midterms, they will need to act immediately to investigate Biden’s corruption. They must also introduce and pass bills to counter China’s threat at home. This includes closing our borders to Chinese citizens (each one is informed by party officials before leaving the nation that it is their duty to serve the CCP’s will if called upon); pursuing and prosecuting all those who spy for China in the United States with severe penalties; and building a military that can counter- While Joe Biden is likely to veto these bills, it is important that all efforts are made to pass them and override Biden’s vetoes by a two-thirds vote in both houses. It is essential to make every effort because freedom abroad and at home will only be saved if Biden makes the same concessions as he did to the CCP.


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