Biden Tries to Take Questions but Staff Cuts Him Off in Bizarre, Troubling Video

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden knows he is in deep trouble in Michigan and with voters on the left over the Israel/Hamas war. 

We not only know this from polls but we also know it by how much Biden is now throwing Israel under the bus. So he went to a campaign event in Saginaw, Michigan on Thursday to try to stem the bleeding. 

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But any time you let Biden out in public, you know his staff has to be holding its breath, wondering what he will say or do next that is likely to be embarrassing or further expose his issues. I don’t know why they had him speaking with people on a porch, but that appeared to confuse him. 

Then you know that Biden is going to ramble and tell a story that isn’t true. This time, he told the tale about how firefighters saved his wife, his Corvette and his cat from the fire years ago at his house in Wilmington. But that fire was a minor fire, under control in twenty minutes. 

But here was the part that was most troubling. Biden wanted to take questions. You can hear him say, “Can I take a couple of questions?” He’s the most powerful man in the world (allegedly). But apparently not. 

That’s when the person on the porch says that they’re going to take some questions. But the Biden staff cut that off very quickly, telling the press that’s it and telling them they have to go back to the bus. 

They didn’t want the press there to hear anything or ask anything. That’s crazy.

If he wants to take questions, how can lowly staff shut him down? I think we all know the answer to that question and that’s incredibly troubling when they are controlling things and not supposedly the “leader of the free world.” 

This is also on the press, too. They need to do their job and push back against this and report fully on this problem. They did do a little of that on Thursday, pointing out how it appeared the staff was keeping them from hearing everything Biden was saying during the stop. 

They kept the pool reporters under a tent so they couldn’t hear everything Biden was saying. But the press needs to push back far more because it’s ridiculous the way they are being treated here. And they’re supposed to be representing us, so in truth it’s the way we are being treated by the Biden administration. 

And you wonder why we are in trouble? 

Then a reporter does manage to get in a question through the rain to Joe on the porch. But Biden appears completely confused and even needs direction to find his way back into the house. 

This is not normal. But this is what the Democrats have foisted on us and are trying to put into office again. 



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