Biden Unsettles Marine Band Members By Campaigning For Democrats At Official Event Where They Played


Members of the U.S. Marine Band were upset by President Biden’s campaign for Democrats at an official White House event, where they performed. Fox News Digital was informed by a source who is familiar with the inner workings and dynamics of the band.

Biden, along with the Marine Band, visited the Keystone State on Tuesday for an event in which he promoted Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania Attorney General and Lt. Governor. John Fetterman and Josh Shapiro, the Pennsylvania Attorney General, visit Keystone State with the Marine Band.

It was presumptuous for me to say this. Consider doing me a favor. Please elect the attorney general for the Senate. Elect the big ol’ boy to be governor,” Biden stated, confusing which offices Biden is seeking.

Shapiro will be running for governor against Doug Mastriano, while Fetterman will face Republican Dr. Mehmet O for the open Senate seat.

“I didn’t know active-duty military personnel could wear the uniform to political rallies.” Ask Defense Secretary [Lloyd] Austin if there’s an exception to this regulation for Democrat Campaign Events,” a source familiar with the band’s workings told Fox News Digital.

The source said that anyone who has eyes to see knew that the Marine Corps had just made an in-kind donation to Pennsylvania Democrats prior to the midterm elections. “And they will do it again in Philadelphia on Thursday.”

The Department of Defense (DOD), when asked to comment on band members’ reactions to the president’s actions, pointed Fox News Digital at the White House. Fox News Digital was not contacted.

Fox News Digital reached out to the Marine Band for comment but they did not immediately reply.

Mike Chamberlain, director at government watchdog Protect the Public’s Trust, told Fox News Digital it was “never a great look for the president, nor any other government official to appear to use taxpayer funds for partisan campaign purposes.”

Chamberlain stated that the Hatch Act specifically exempts the president and vice-president from any partisan activity by federal employees.

He said, “Regardless of whether there is an official violation or not, we at Protect The Public’s Trust believe officials should be held to equal standards regardless of party or ideologie and would hope President Biden’s activities are subject to the same level scrutiny as his predecessors.”

Democrats criticised Donald Trump for his election-related comments at a White House event in which the band performed.

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