Biden Wants Hunter’s Child Support Payments to be Slashed Due to Material Change in Income


Hunter Biden wants to see child support payments for his daughter, unwed, reduced.

Monday’s motion was filed in Arkansas by the son of President Joe Biden to have his child support payments recalculated due to “financial circumstances including but not limited to income”. He claimed that his child support calculations were not in accordance with the Revised Administrative Order 10… This is an administrative order 10 which sets forth guidelines for child support.

Lunden Roberts was the son of a disgraced leader of the free world and was said to have been able to immunize the former stripper four to five years ago. The father refused to admit that he was there. Roberts filed a paternity suit in 2019. He was the proud papa. Granddad Joe has not acknowledged that he is the father.

My coworker points out that POTUS doesn’t always know how many grandchildren it actually has. He says he has seven children, but never mentions Hunter.

Clint Lancaster was Roberts’ lawyer Tuesday. He stated that his four-year-old son is doing well.

She is a happy, healthy, and beautiful little girl. She looks almost like she is a mixture of her mother and Biden. However, her father isn’t her father and her grandfather isn’t her grandfather.

Biden Family Values on Full Display

Lancaster was skeptical about Hunter’s sudden poverty in an interview with Northwest Arkansas Gazette on Tuesday. He said he would dig deeper.

We will need to look at Hunter’s finances more closely. If the judge doesn’t tell us otherwise, I will take my forensic accountant along to the deposition.

Clint, please bring your certified forensic accountant. This would give you a thrill ride through Hunter’s financial records. You will find all sorts of details about the Biden family and payments to “The Big Guy.” Hunter was subject to federal investigations since the discovery of his laptop.

A judge today ruled that Hunter’s case cannot be disclosed to the public. Hunter is charged with lying about background checks for gun purchases. This is a felony. A judge has ruled that the public cannot know anything about Hunter’s case.

Biden’s claim about poverty is more difficult to swallow since he claimed that he was an artist who got people to pay $75,000 for his messy paintings. By 2020, Biden was living in a $ 12,000-a-month house in Hollywood Hills while driving a Porsche Panamera.

The story of Hunter Biden can be sad, disappointing, confounding, and frustrating at times. This is especially true after seeing the Justice Department and captive media covering up for Hunter repeatedly. I have no sympathy for this sleazy liar. In fact, it’s the little girl who Joe Biden may not even recognize as a human being.

Although we may be able to take our policy views as an opinion difference, Joe is still a terrible family man.


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