Biden Whines About Press, Public Not Appreciating Him, Tries to Take Questions, but Response Is Hilarious

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Joe Biden was at a campaign event in New Hampshire on Monday. You could tell even if you didn’t know, as the walls were festooned with the names of Democrat politicians. 

You would think that Biden wouldn’t feel the need to spin so much to the adherents. 

But I guess once that’s become a part of you, it’s hard to let go. 

Even there, he showed what thin skin he has and how he doesn’t like being challenged. 

Biden took a shot at the press who was covering the event, whining that they didn’t like him more than former President Donald Trump. This is both funny and rather sad, a “Waaah, they don’t appreciate me!” 

“I know the press is here and they’re all wonderful people. I don’t know why they don’t like me a lot more than Trump,” Biden said. 

The press is wildly pro-Biden, and the bias for him and against Trump is ridiculous. So it’s rather funny that even with that, Biden is still complaining. How dare anyone at all question him, then they get snapped at like he did at MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart, or called a son of a bitch like he did to Fox’s Peter Doocy.


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Then he whined about how the American people just didn’t understand all he has done on the economy, including “15 million new jobs” and “inflation down from nine to three.” 

Maybe because that’s nonsense? The “15 million new jobs” includes mostly people returning to work after the pandemic, nothing to do with Joe Biden. Then, going from nine percent to three percent inflation? He’s the one who drove it up to nine, to begin with. It was at 1.4 percent when he came in. So sorry, not sorry that we don’t give you credit for that. Biden has made it harder for all of us to pay for essentials. 

Biden also spoke about the border, saying we just needed an “orderly process.” 

Biden destroyed any order to border security when he came in with executive orders doing away with the security that former President Donald Trump had put in, and it’s been a mess and getting worse for three years. Now he says he wants an orderly process, but it seems like he just wants to speed up the process to get in, not secure the border. And yes, illegal aliens are breaking the law, and you don’t change that by trying to change the legal term. Calling them “undocumented,” “newcomers,” or whatever term the Democrats come up with next week is just trying to deflect from that reality. 

At the end of his remarks, Biden asked, “Am I allowed to take questions?” But that’s a no-no, apparently even with the campaign supporters. Watch what happens. 

They cut the feed. Can’t have Joe take any real questions. The leader of the free world, and he appears to be run by unnamed staffers and people behind the scenes. 



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