Biden White House Desperately Trots Out Absurd New Term for Illegal Aliens, but the Facts Remain

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Long before Joe Biden shuffled into the White House as the improbable 46th president of the United States, Democrats insisted on referring to people from foreign countries who entered the U.S. illegally as everything but what they were — and remain. Most settled on “undocumented” immigrants or migrants, or simply “migrants.”

So now that Mr. Biden is up to his eyeballs in an illegal alien invasion he intentionally created and continues to let happen, the White House has trotted out a spanking-new name for these people. 

Of course, you remember the old adage that putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t mean that the pig is no longer a pig, right? Welp, Team Biden has slapped yet another new term on “illegal aliens,” and guess what, Joe? They’re still illegal aliens — and zero of the facts have changed.

As Biden scurried to Brownsville, Texas, on Thursday — no doubt in a knee-jerk response (which the administration denies) to former President Donald Trump’s Thursday visit to Eagle Pass, Texas, the White House put out a fact sheet in which it referenced illegal alien border crossers as “newcomers” to America.

Let’s say that out loud, together, shall we? NEWCOMERS. 

Let there be no doubt: If you’re a citizen of one country “visiting” another country — legally or otherwise — you are, in fact, an alien in that country. And if you’re “visiting” that country illegally, guess what? Bingo — you’re an illegal alien in that country — as written in existing federal immigration law. No amount of Democrat political lipstick can change that reality.

As part of promoting a Senate bill to preserve Biden’s “catch and release” program on the southern border, here’s how the “fact sheet” absurdly put it (emphasis, mine):

The bill also includes $1.4 billion for cities and states who are providing critical services to newcomers, and would expedite work permits for people who are in the country and qualify. 

“People who are in the country and qualify.” How so? 

And “newcomers” suggests people attending a meeting, perhaps, or visiting somewhere they’ve never been —and last time I checked, “people in the country” who qualify for U.S. “services” are here legally. What part did I miss?

The “fact sheet” went on to claim:

In order to truly tackle this problem and support the more than four thousand border and immigration officials who work in the Rio Grande Valley – which includes Brownsville – with the additional personnel and resources they need to secure our border, Congress must act.

Wrong. To secure the border, Biden must redo what he undid — adhere to existing federal immigration law, and also use the executive-action authority that he lies about not having, and pull the plug on his intentional illegal alien invasion.

The Bottom Line

The above won’t happen, of course, because although Biden’s handlers are fully aware that a strong majority of Americans reject this failed president’s continuing importation of as many illegal aliens as he can get away with importing, he now claims (lies) to low-information, rank-and-file Democrat voters that the continued invasion is the fault of former President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans. 

Ain’t that somethin’? Buck-Passing Biden™ at his “best,” America.


  1. I am English, in 1974 the British Government opened the door to the British commonwealth countries that is why I decided to emigrate to the USA. I went to embassy in London England and started the process. Every Wednesday I took a train into London walk to the embassy stood in line with all the other people who had the same thoughts i did, I did that fer three years all but a month and seven day’s, lady behind the desk handed me an envelope and told me all of my paper work and instructions are in there ‘Enjoy America’. I arrived in the USA on the 28th of August 1977. England has been taken over and now it’s happening hear they are moving in and taking over. WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE THAT HAPPENS HEAR!


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