Biden’s Family Has to Protect Him From the Media


Joe Biden once suggested that Vladimir Putin did not want him to become president because he was afraid of him. Biden doesn’t currently seem like a threat to Putin or anyone else. He needs to be surrounded by his family in order to avoid answering questions from the media.

Biden was on his latest vacation and stopped by reporters to chat during a morning walk. However, his granddaughter and daughter pulled him away.

His family has had to rescue him many times during his vacation. Jill Biden drug him from the reporters on Friday.

Biden relied often on his closest friends to keep him from embarrassing himself in front of the press. Biden was saved by the Easter Bunny in April from answering questions from the media during the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Since Biden recently fell off of his bicycle, his family must want him to take some time before embarrassing himself in front of the media again. With Biden, it won’t be long before he embarrasses himself, but for now, it may be best if his family keeps him from making himself look like the complete idiot that we all know he is. Give it time, because we all know it will happen again.


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