Biden’s Handlers Rush to Clean-Up His Stunning ‘No Comment’ Answer on Maui Fire


Well, that didn’t take long. As RedState reported, Joe Biden stunned onlookers earlier on Monday by answering “No comment” to multiple inquiries about the devastating Maui fire. The Hawaiian Island has been battling deadly wildfires, with the death toll currently sitting at 89 people.

One would think this would be an all-hands-on-deck affair, much like when a hurricane causes widespread devastation, but the president has been enjoying yet another vacation in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware. That followed two prior vacations that spanned multiple weeks in July and August (and Biden is scheduled to head to Lake Tahoe soon for a week as well).

When queried by reporters on whether he’d visit Maui, Biden answered “No comment” while sunbathing on the beach. Later, as he was entering an SUV to leave, he was asked to simply comment on the situation at large. Again, he answered “No comment,” this time smirking at the cameras in a very inappropriate way given the subject matter.

89 people are dead, with many more sure to be reported, and the president smiles when asked to just comment on the suffering occurring. The optics were just horrific, and Biden’s handlers obviously noticed. Shortly after that latest clip appeared, the president’s official X account sprung into action.

I’ll save you the rest of the thread, as it’s just a rehash of the federal government’s response, but given the detail, does anyone really believe Biden wrote it? This is a man who, just hours earlier, was basically laughing at questions about Maui and refusing to interact with the press, even if just to say “we mourn the losses.” Then suddenly an X thread appears expressing sympathy. I mean, come on. We all know who actually wrote that, and we know why it was written.


  1. Why is it not painfully obvious to people, even Democrats that Biden has absolutely no care or concern for America and Americans.??
    Unless people wake up and take back our country, Biden and his associates will be the complete downfall of America to a depth unrecoverable

  2. Well Biden, you can’t take back what you have already said. You are a total failure. Remember, you were not voted in as our president, you were planted. Trump won the election by a large landslide, but then your evil party, the Democrats, had to get their fake, fraud and illegal ballots in and counted, which took two months before you were declared the winner. You only care about yourself and how much money you can put in your pockets and how much money you can take from us Americans. The first thing you did to hurt us Americans was to tax our Social Security Income. You should not be receiving any SSI. You don’t deserve it and that is only taking away from us who really, really need it, not thanks to you.


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