Biden’s Human Hot Potatoes Starting to Turn Libs on One Another


We have all been laughing at the misery of poor leftwing millionaires whose private island has been inundated by — the horror! — 50 illegal aliens that they have invited into the country. It was wonderful to see Martha’s Vineyard get caught up in the midst of a Humanitarian Crisis.

The islanders were able to clean out their closets of the last season’s clothes and make a fair-trade organic casserole to take to the church where the asylum seekers had been kept. They deserve to be commended for their humane and compassionate response. They are far more refined than the semi-fascist peasants of the red border states.

Local media outlets raved about the generous hospitality displayed. WBUR reported, “After migrants arrived on Martha’s Vineyard,” that a community had gathered to welcome them. “On Martha’s Vineyard another morning dawns when residents rally to aid migrants,” said The Boston Globe, before changing the headline.

That’s where the Vineyardians’ hospitality ended. The poor, huddled masses it claimed to love and need were not welcomed into any waterfront mansion. There was no doubt that more than one “No person illegal” sign on the lawn was secretly taken inside. The news is now out that the brown-colored people will be moved from the island to a Cape Cod military base and possibly Boston.

Even more schadenfreudelicious, the once-united-in-a-liberal-hivemind second homeowners began to turn on each other. Here’s a taste of the conversation inside a Martha’s Vineyard Facebook Group:

Hahahahahahahaaa. Wait, there’s more!

You know what? Just give in to the urge to wallow in the crusty patricians’ plight and read Turtleboy’s whole thread. (Click over to Twitter so you can scroll down the whole thing in all its liberal tears glory.) You’re welcome!


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