Bill Maher Throws in Towel on Biden Run, Explains Why ‘Clean-Up’ in San Fran Is Sign ‘Trump Is Winning’

Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP

Bill Maher is still a Democrat, but he often has interesting things to say because he’s willing to call out his side for their radical behavior. 

He’s also warning them now that he thinks that former President Donald Trump is “winning” and explaining why Joe Biden is going to lose. 

The Democrats have let San Francisco turn into a hell hole over the past several years, and they haven’t seemed to give a darn about fixing the problem. Indeed, their actions just made things worse. 

So when, suddenly, they at least superficially cleaned up the streets and moved the homeless somewhere other than the downtown area for the APEC summit and the visit of Chinese leader Xi Jinping, residents and the rest of the country took note. That’s who they cared about impressing, not the residents of the city who have had to deal with this all for so long. 

That’s one of the signs Trump is winning, Maher told the panel on his show on Friday. 

“I want to try a theory out on you why Trump is killing it — not just within the party, but he’s beating Biden heavily too,” Maher kicked off the panel discussion on Friday. “Because Xi, President Xi of China, came to our state this week and met with Biden up in San Francisco, and they had a little summit.”

“And they did something very interesting in San Francisco. I mean, I have done many, many jokes as many comedians have about stepping and poop in San Francisco and, you know, it’s a city that needs to be put under control — so they did! Because Xi was coming! Put aside the fact that you only clean up with company coming over?” Maher quipped. “OK, so they cleaned it up, they rinse off the street, the homeless, you know, God forbid the guy who sends us the fentanyl sees somebody on fentanyl.”

Maher said that Trump talks about plans, like opening up the mental hospitals again, to address the homeless mentally ill. “[P]eople just see a place — a country, especially in the cities that look out-of-control. And the fact that the Democrats could control it for three days, how about making it permanent?”

The problem is that Democratic policies are failures and just continue to perpetuate the chaos. So naturally, people want the guy they remember as making things better. They can remember how it was before Biden, and he doesn’t stack up well compared to Trump when there was more peace, and they had more money in their pockets. Now, everything seems out of control. 

Maher thinks Biden should step aside, acknowledging that people think he’s too old. “He’s going to lose,” Maher said to guest Donna Brazile. 

Brazile and Maher also discussed how Biden is in trouble with black people and young people in the polling.  “Biden’s lost a lot, the numbers are just startling,” Maher said. 

If that stays the same in 2024, that spells doom for Biden. Maher gets it, but it doesn’t look like the Democratic powers that be get it yet. 


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