Bishop Robert Baron Schools The Atlantic For Suggesting The Rosary Is An Extremist Symbol


Bishop Robert Barron attacked an article in The Atlantic on Wednesday, calling it “offensive”. He said that America’s new religion is encouraging anti-Catholic bigotry.

Bishop Barron, a Catholic author, theologian and theologian commented on The Atlantic’s “colossally foolish” article. He claimed that the article connected the rosary with militant extremist groups. ”

The Bishop acknowledged that there are “some strangeos on the right who associate rifles with rosaries and all that,” but the article was too extreme.

He noted that the article used imagery and language related to spiritual warfare. We all know what spiritual warfare means. It is not about knives and guns. It must engage in spiritual warfare through prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

He reiterated his warning about religion transcending politics. The Bishop said that Catholic prayer through the rosaries had nothing to do with “right-wing or left wing militant Islamism.”

Bishop Barron moved to a greater concern about American culture. He was concerned that anti-Catholic biases from woke ideology had returned. Anti-Catholicism is what I am referring to. ”

He recalled how in the past, “often underneath ‘protecting American Values’ or ‘protecting American Nationalism’, whatever that was), a deep antipathy toward the Catholic Church was displayed. ”

He demonstrated how America has changed religiously, but that old-fashioned bigotry remains. He warned his followers to be aware of the problem in American anti-Catholicism culture.

Finally, Bishop Barron wished The Atlantic writers well and encouraged followers to pray for them. He suggested, “And maybe too, I recommend…is [sic] getting out your rosaries and saying a prayer to thank the author and editors of The Atlantic.


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