BREAKING: Americans Left Behind in First Round of Hostage Releases From Gaza

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Thirteen Israeli hostages were released by Hamas from the Gaza Strip Friday in round one of a broader, four day ceasefire. As part of the deal, Israel released a number of women and male teenagers convicted of violent terrorism crimes, including attempted murder, from their prisons in exchange for the hostages. The hostages were taken on October 7 after Hamas rampaged through the south of Israel, killing more than 1400 civilians in their homes and at a music festival.  

Despite the White House claiming earlier in the week President Joe Biden’s leadership led to the ceasefire, no Americans were released in the first round. Four year old Abigail Edan is among the Americans still being held. Today is her birthday. More than 200 hostages remain in the Gaza Strip. 

“Glad to see this process moving forward. We are doing all we can, including to secure the release of Americans. We are focused on it hourly,” a senior White House official tells Fox News. 

The hostages were transferred by the Red Cross, whose workers never visited them in captivity. 

In the coming days, Hamas is expected to release at least 10 hostages per day while they use the time to regroup and move military assets. As a reminder, here are some of the details of the deal, which was struck on Tuesday night:

-50 hostages will be released

-Hostages held by Hamas will be released in increments of 12-13 over the course of a four day ceasefire.

-Israel will release 150 female Palestinian prisoners and minors who have not been convicted of murder but may have been charged with terror related crimes. 

-For every additional 10 hostages Hamas may decide to release (after the initial 50 starting Thursday), they will get an additional day of ceasefire. For example, if 30 hostages are released by Hamas, three more days of ceasefire will be awarded. For every additional single hostage Hamas releases, they will receive three Palestinian prisoners being held in Israeli jails and serving time for crimes.

-Gasoline, which is used to power rockets Hamas launches at Israeli hospitals and civilians, will be allowed into the Gaza Strip on ceasefire days.

-IDF forces in the Gaza Strip and surrounding Gaza City will remain in place.


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