BREAKING: Sheila Jackson Lee Loses Race for Houston Mayor. It Wasn’t Even Close and Reactions Are Great

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We have good and bad news to report. 

First, the good news for the people of Houston, Texas.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) was running to become mayor of Houston. But she found herself in a difficult race with the powerful state Sen. John Whitmire, also a Democrat. She got the endorsement of Hillary Clinton, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY). 

But even with those heavy hitters coming out for her, she still lost. Badly. 

Houston held the run-off election on Saturday, and Whitmire just completely trounced Jackson Lee by almost 30 points. 

Whitmire stressed reducing crime, so he immediately had a leg up on the progressive Jackson Lee. 

Plus, she also did herself in with a couple of different controversies, including a profanity-laden video that was released, showing her cursing out and berating her staffers. 

Warning for graphic language: 

Not exactly the person you want to put in charge of a major city. 

Then on top of that, the election was scheduled for Dec. 9, but she put out a video encouraging people to come out and vote on the wrong date— Dec.7. Not only would that potentially confuse voters, but it shows what kind of a leader she would be for the city if she can’t even get such a basic thing right on an ad that is presumably heavily vetted. 

Given this loss, one has to fear for the staffers, I think it isn’t going to be a good night for them. 

But how great that the people of Houston aren’t going to have to deal with her. 

Now, the bad news. She still has until Monday to file to run again for her House seat. So now that she lost, I would expect her to file. 

Only one question remains: Are they sure she lost? I mean, did they count the votes cast on Dec. 7 yet?!

Warning for graphic language: 

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  1. It truly will not be surprising for her to be reelected to congress even though the people of Houstin told her to pack her bags and go home.


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