California Depends on Fossil Fuels for Electricity During Heat Wave


The State of California is depending on fossil fuels, especially natural gas, to provide electricity during the ongoing summer heat wave, as solar and wind energy are unable to meet demand during peak demand evening hours, especially as the sun begins to set.

Fox News reports:

The state of California continues to rely heavily upon fossil fuel-fired power plants to ensure its residents and businesses have access to reliable electricity amid the ongoing heat wave.

According to data compiled by the California Independent System Operator, more than 40% of the state’s total power grid supply derived from natural gas on Sunday, the largest share of any source. Renewable power, mainly solar energy, accounted for nearly 34%, but was only the largest energy source during peak sunlight hours between about 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

“While these challenges and the costs associated with them are worked through, the facts are we need natural gas to power our grid,” [Western States Petroleum Association spokesperson Kevin] Slagle added. “Even today with normal temperatures and clear skies, natural gas is the largest contributor to California’s power grid.”

For two of the past three summers, California has suffered electricity shortages. In 2022, the state even advised owners of electric vehicles — which authorities have mandated in the coming years — not to charge them during afternoon and evening hours.

In 2020, during a rare moment of candor, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) admitted that renewable energy sources were insufficient, and told the state’s consumers that California needed to “sober up” about the limits of green energy and the need for traditional fuels.

Hydroelectric power was also in short supply during the state’s 2020-2023 drought.

Federal and state authorities have saved California’s last nuclear plant, Diablo Canyon, from going out of commission, extending its life past the original 2025 expiration date.

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  1. NO….. S _ _ T.!!! With California using fossil fuels to get enough electricity to power up all that is necessary. Newsom is One …D*U*M*B…. Governor.!!! Not sure when the People of this Country are going to Smarten Up.??? Electric Vehicles are not the Answer and they are going to be More Harmful than Gas or Diesel Vehicles……. So – Adults in this Country had better Smarten Up….!!!


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