Catholic League Slam’s NEA’s ‘Malicious Falsification of American History’


Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, has criticized the National Education Association for its malicious attack against Christopher Columbus.

The NEA, which has more than three million teachers, administrators and other staff, is a “decidedly Left-wing” organization, Dr. Donohue noted in Thursday’s essay. He is also “hypercritical” of America and Western civilization.

Donohue wrote that the NEA, America’s largest labor union, heavily relies on the tendentious, thoroughly debunked pseudohistorical work Howard Zinn. Zinn was “a man who hated America like a passion.”

Zinn Education Project is the most prominent resource of the NEA for teachers about Columbus and the Indians. It was named after the Zinn Education Project founder, who wrote A People’s History of the United States. Donohue calls it “the most dishonest book ever written on American history.”

Zinn Education Project’s stated goal is to “Abolishing Columbus Day,” which Zinn’s anti-Columbus propaganda pretending to be history, is based.

Donohue recommends Mary Grabar’s book Debunking Howard Zinn – Exposing the Fake history That Turned A Generation Against America as a useful resource for exposing Zinn’s lies.

Zinn refrains also from commenting about the many Indians who sided with the Europeans in rebellion against the “butchery”, Donohue writes.


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