Chicago 911 Dispatcher Resigns, Blasts Mayor Lightfoot’s Lies and Corruption


On Tuesday, a Chicago 911 dispatcher announced that he had resigned due to a lack of support from Lori Lightfoot and other city officials for law enforcement.

Fox spoke with Keith Thornton about the lawlessness and out-of-control crime that caused him to quit his dispatcher job.

“There is no transparency at Chicago’s city hall and only a very negligent administration. It was the only time. He said, “I’m tired of this,” calling out “revolving doors” bail policies.

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Chicago’s police union president is blaming Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the school system for the staggering murder rate.

Chicago police arrested 12% of criminal cases in 2021. This is the lowest rate since 2001. The department has made significant changes to its patrolling methods, such as restricting vehicle pursuit and ending foot pursuits when a suspect runs away from officers or commits minor offenses.

Thornton stated that he quit to be a better advocate and raise his voice on the city’s crime crisis.

Thornton stated that what is more important than the Chicago crime rate is “Mayor Lightfoot”‘s ego. He continued to claim that the mayor lies about the severity and extent of crime in the city by going on television.

They keep saying, “Continually every week, every two days, the stats have fallen with violent crime, people shot, and homicides. As a Chicago dispatcher, I can tell you that this is absurd. That is unacceptable. He said, “This is wrong.”

Thornton stated that these were “lies” from Lightfoot, and that crime has never been so bad in the city.

He said, “We are supposed to tell the citizens a bunch fluff that resources and police are coming and it’s hours and hours until we can get officers to many of the scenes throughout the city.”

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Thornton concluded his remarks by emphasizing the fact that law enforcement officers are leaving their jobs due to liberal criminal justice policies.

He told Todd Piro that he loves serving and protecting and that he was leaving to pray for his city.

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