Chicago Police Will Divert Some Cops From Neighborhoods To Protect Movie Sets


According to local news, the Chicago Police Department (CPD), ordered two commanders that some police officers be diverted from their neighborhoods in order to film and television production sets on Friday. Four days earlier, officers responded to an incident on Monday at a film location where a suspect “lit up and threw an unknown object” near the set at the 1000 block of South Desplaines Street near University of Illinois Chicago.

According to police, the object didn’t explode and there were no injuries.

According to emails obtained from CWB Chicago, Chicago’s Loop and surrounding areas are among the areas that will be affected by the new diversion efforts. CPD officials had already prepared for staff shortages Friday evening just before the order was issued.

According to Deadline, the orders come also weeks after FX crews stopped production of “Justified City Primeval” after two vehicle occupants exchanged gunfire at the set.

CPD faces severe staff shortages, while violent crime increases in the lakefront communities.

On Tuesday, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown announced that there had been a 44% decline in homicides in the city and a 26% drop in shootings. The west and south side of Chicago are experiencing a decline in homicides, while the north, lakefront neighborhoods are seeing an increase.

The area 3, which includes the River North, River South and Near North neighborhoods of downtown, has seen an increase in crime year-over-year, including homicide and aggravated assault. All major violent crime categories have seen an overall 66% increase since 2021, 61% from 2020, 26% depuis 2019 and 22% seit 2018.

The number of homicides has not changed since 2021, but they have increased by 3% compared with 2020, 70% compared with 2019 and 86% in comparison to 2018.


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